Evacuation effects


just wondering if someone in the know can tell us if there are any plans for adding effects that can possibly happen in evacuation aside from the ones we have now, i know that its early in game to ask but I’m wondering for the future.


Each and every new map added to the game will have its own evacuation perks.


I kinda hope some of the prexisting ones are made more useful. THe one with the dropship calling out locations doesn’t seem that great cause i played a game and it never indicated the monsters location once. Some are amazing don’t get me wrong but others are very “Meh”


didn’t even know they had a drop ship one (but thats cause i win a lot as monster ;))


the ship with a goliath in it? thats one of the best perks for hunt ! its like a random free bucket uav , it shows in your display like when the uav spots the monster, something like that ,and also the smell one


It never did anything when i had it just flew around providing sceney