Evacuation discussion


Am I the only one to feel Evacuation in how the voting is decieded favors the hunters greatly? Hear me out, it’s 4 hunters vs 1 monster. So the hunters always have majority vote to pick the game mode they want. Now, maybe it’s just me but nest mode is a bitch for me to win. So when all 4 hunters choose it, I get little annoyed. Thoughts? Opinions? Or am I just a big whiner? lol


I think the point is that in the post game lobbies, it disregards teams. It’s trying to satisfy most of the players themselves.


I understand that but a 4 player team can just keep voting for the mode they want. Weather it be cause they’re amazing at it or because it’s in the hunters favor. I just think it’s a bit in the hunters favor IMO.


It doesn’t matter much because really all modes are balanced enough. The Maps make a negligible difference (you should know them all anyway) and it really doesn’t hurt that much. I don’t see what else they can do, but in my opinion, it’s fine.


I disagree. I find rescue to be in the monsters favor and nest to be in the hunters. But, that is just me. Admitely, I mainly play hunt s I don’t have much experience with these modes so it could be just that.


Really? If anything I find it to be the other way around, lol. I guess it’s all a matter of personal strengths and preference.


For me, I find Nest to be for hunters since the hunters can just mainly go after the minions and not the monster for the win. As for rescue, a lot of efforts on the hunters part goes into keeping the colonist alive so it can be a huge a distraction. Plus, all the monster has to do is kill the survivors vs rescuing them. Without Lav killing 5 colonist seems pretty easy to me. But, that’s just my opinion.


Fair enough.


I just wanted to see how other people felt lol I’m weird so it could just be me.


@MidnightMonash I think he’s got a point, the hunters can pretty much decide the pace of the game and they could pick maps or modes for specific team comps (plus some maps could just be better for the hunters anyway cough rendering plant cough). It seems odd that the hunters get such a heavy favour in voting but then it would be a bit unfair to pugs if the monster had a stronger vote. Perhaps if they only gave one vote to a premade team of hunters or made the monster vote worth 2?

Actually, while on that point, hunters could probably manipulate the map choice based on the perk from the previous round. They could make it easier to handle a perk the Goliath got or pick a map to take more advantage of their own perk.


You raise an excellent point…

TRS did say they were considering map choice being given to the loser. I understand it annoys a lot of people. I guess we’ll just wait and see.


Map choice going to the loser would be fine for me. Given how the first and fifth games are fixed anyway it seems good.


Perhaps just make the mode randoms? Or make Day 1 hunt, Day 2 nest, Day 3 Rescue and Day 4 hunt? That way Day 4, which is very important to who gets an edge in defender is even? I dunno. Just some thoughts that crossed my mind recently.


I’m finding most hunters immediately vote nest as good teams can be pretty much unbeatable there, a skilled team can easily win nest in less then 4 minutes, in some cases 3 where as in rescue its the opposite and a good monster can kill at least 4 uncontested survivors so both are pretty unbalanced for high skill play and the hunters hold the advantage since they can choose the modes, maps and potential rewards, in hindsight using a COD voting system on a 4v1 game was just a bad idea and shouldn’t have made it into the final product, hopefully turtlerock swallow their pride and do a random draw so its relatively even especially while the modes are still unbalanced like this