Evacuation - defend


Has any monster out there won this? This one seems to be nearly impossible to win on all fronts as a monster, unless you’re kraken and abuse it’s range abilities.

The constant revival of hunters that can be revived seconds later is a bit much. Perhaps a slight delay for every hunter that dies every drop ship run?

Personally I’d love to see quick commands for minions since they’re so derpy and blindly rush the generators while ignoring turrets/hunters.


I’ve only lost it once as a Monster…

I think I split it evenly between Goliath and Kraken - I don’t play Wraith much, but I think I won my only Defend as Wraith.

My loss was as a Goliath, which is actually my best Monster. I think I have maybe…8 to 10 rounds under my belt total.


go in with your minions. try to clear out any mines/sentries they have placed for your minions to break through them. then when they are focused. YOU must kill the turrets surrounding the generator. the faster you do that the faster you win.
goliath = rockthrow +leap Kraken= lightning + vortex

these combos should kill or almost kill a turret. for wraith u can warp blast but it wont kill for sure.

after that fight the hunters. focus on killing the damage. then kill the generator.

goodluck and ask if you need more tips :slight_smile:


I do fight with minions…but they’re so retarded they get patted down by a support while the other 3 focus me. Especially when they’re smart and pick defensive/trap laying hunters for that mode.

Everytime I’ve tried it as monster it ends the same. Level 3 gen nearly dead with me downing the hunters MULTIPLE times. When I play as hunter it’s just simple since I main as monsters I know what they’re thinking, for the most part.

I just feel like it needs a slight change and it’ll be a lot more balanced.

Can I have some tips for defend?

I’ve never played monster, but for Goliath and Wraith I’ve never lost more than one generator. The only times I’ve played against Kraken we’ve lost with a minute to spare.


Go with Minions.
Destroy AI stuff.
Kills Healers / Medics.
Kill everything.

Dont forget to spam…


Don’t forget you can’t regeneration your health.
Don’t be like me and go down to 1 bar of health before you finish the 1st generator.
Stupid Hank aiming a orbital barrage.
Freaking freakin.


I’ve lost every defend mode as hunters… always against a really good monster though so hard to say. Edit: Definitely won one or two now that I think about it, but they were close and only because we got the monster.

I’ve won every defend mode as a monster, and I’ve only played defend as wraith without abduction lol. Decoy wins you defend lol. Warp blast in supernova warp out decoy the turrent. Dead turrent.

I can’t remember remember which defend it is, but the one where you can drop down on top of the final generator… OMG… just stand up there, shimmy onto the rafters, and just shoot decoys down lol. The ultimate cheese.


what tips do you guys have for a monster that has won everyday and then at day 5, the autobalanced makes the hunters super strong


The key as the hunters is to dome the monster right as it destroys the generator or runs out of armor. Holding the chokepoints at the hunters is the key to winning. If you’re losing when they aren’t holding the chokepoints you just need to get better at damage mitigation. If they are winning at the chokepoints just wait for your minions to break through their defenses before going in.