Evacuation Defend Much Harder (Solo)


After this latest patch I was playing a bit of solo Evacuation and made it to defend, with a couple nasty frame rate drops, with a 4 bias towards the monster. (playing as hunter.) Then Behemoth kills all of us in less than 2 minutes and destroys the first generator shortly after. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?


They changed turret damage and health.


I think it was the fact that you were playing against a Behemoth, he’s perfect for Defend, plus, they changed the turrets health and damage. :bucket_salute:


The AI in this game is really good. So if you put it towards favoured monsters you should expect that.


I saw that, but I don’t see how that is really making that much of a difference for me. Normally under the Balanced difficulty against Behemoth I can usually keep us alive and bring the fight to the final area. Now I changed the difficulty to Favor hunters and he is still killing us almost instantly.


Without video I can’t say. Behemoth has been really good with his tongue grab pounce combo but that has been like that for a while.


That I know, I have always hated going up against Behemoth or even Goliath in Defend, but even on Balanced I put up a fight and when I switch it to Favor Hunters I almost always win, but this time against Behemoth just destroyed us way too quickly.


It was likely a mix of his awesomeness in Defend and the Defend auto-balance, as well as weakened turrets. He hasn’t gotten any recent buffs, though. Don’t know why it would suddenly change. Maybe the AI got an update? Perhaps your character got changed a little.


I really do hate that auto balance stuff, especially in solo play. In online play it makes a little more sense, but we should have an option to disable it in solo. Also I would really like the ability to create of list of custom games to play in a row, instead of having to continually back out into menus.


You can disable the auto-balance in solo if you play Evac from Customs instead of from the menu.


I didn’t know that. Thank you. I will definitely have to give that a try later, see if it is the auto balance that is making it that much harder.


Also, why does the AI monster spawn right at the first generator? That is incredibly annoying and a huge disadvantage.


That it is, nothing like turning around to see a Goliath throwing a rock at your face! It would be nice if they would spawn in down the path a little, let the monster decide which path it wants to take, and let the hunters set some traps for the first defensive assault.


Well, it’s dumb because if a player controls the monster, they start at the back of the map and it used to be that way for AI monsters too, but it changed with some patch or another.


What? Why? If you are playing solo it can be hard enough on defend, then you have to worry about a stage 3 brute spawning on your toes. They should start back more considering they start with full health and armor. I don’t know, maybe TRS thinks that defend is too easy when you play as the hunter. Which may be the case in MP but in solo it’s not that easy.


Agreed. I don’t know why player monsters have a different starting point than AI monsters.


Another thing I have noticed is that bot trappers don’t use their dome while in defend. I thought it may have been because I was too close to the generator so I actively chased the monster away and the trapper still did not put up a dome. Which would have been a really good thing at the time as the monster had no armor and a little over 1/4 of it’s health so I wanted to end the fight there instead of letting it gain back all it’s armor, which some of the monsters gain way too much armor, way too quickly.


No, they don’t, but truthfully, a lot of player controlled trappers don’t use their domes in defend either. Drives me nuts.

In solo, I just hot swap and toss it. Truthfully, I’m glad AI doesn’t do it. Their timing would likely be bad.


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