Evacuation day 5 problem


Right so I played alot of this game about 7 months ago then new games came out and I got distracted eventually I’ve come back to evolve because I love the concept of this game and enjoy the hunt, also used to play evacuation as I enjoy that game mode but on day 5 co-op when the game loads in the monster has already destroyed 1 turret and halfway through another then the team just takes a massive smack from him then he runs off at the point were all battered and I can’t but remember that when it use to load up before the monster would gradually make his way over with some minions and then attack. So I just like to know why would turtle rock mess up like this

Evacuation co-op: Why does the monster spawn right next to the hunters?
Evacuation co-op: Why does the monster spawn right next to the hunters?

It sounds like you’re joining a game already in progress? Are you playing with just friends or online?

It seems weird it only happens on day 5,and this is the first I have ever heard of this issue.

That’s really not necessary.


This happens to me too but only when I play against an AI monster. I even get the load screen rumbling as the monster approaches the spawn point.

I like to think of it as giving the monster a head start.


To quote someone from an other thread:

Well, I do care a little tbh, but it’s really not that bad.
This is something that happens in every gamemode as far as I know. The bot monster already starts the game while the player controlled hunters are still loading. Most noticeable in defend and arena, but it’s also the case in hunt.

I guess it’s not even really a bug. It makes sense to give the bot monster a little headstart in hunt, because it is not as good as a player controlled monster.
On defend and arena tho it should definitely not be like that.

Maybe we can get a dev to comment on this topic (if only I knew the right person to tag here ^^)


My game loads up fine I never have any problems connecting, it’s just like I said I’ve played before with the monster at his spawn point with his minions inbound attacking normally but I can’t be a headstart because the game has the balance settings after each match to keep the game even so if the hunters lost all the days the game would be in favour to the hunters to help them keep up with the monster, so I can’t understand why they would give the monster a headstart


I’m moving this to the Bug category since I can’t see this being intentional.


This is at least the third thread I’ve read complaining about this and I agree, it sucks.

I mostly play co-op evac and it is really uncool to spawn into defend with a monster on top of you. This is not how it works with player controlled monsters and it shouldn’t be this way for AI monsters. They have enough buffs, in my opinion. This should be fixed already.


Hey. I’ve been a regular of the ai monster games and I’ve seen this at least a dozen times . The monster when ai controlled always seems to start right on the turrets. And for me atleast, is often just standing there


Been playing more Evac recently because of the games inability to consistently match me with appropriate teammates and/or monsters for balanced/fun Hunt matches and I have yet to play a game on Day 5 where the monster isn’t already beating on the relay/turrets.

And yes, this is against an AI monster, but playing PvP is just as bad since the game can force you into being a monster even if it is the lowest priority or if you joined with other hunters.


I’ve been playing evacuation co-op for a while now trying to elite some characters but on day 5 monsters spawning right next to the turrets allows no time to even catch your breath. Is there a reason as to why it’s like this?


I was also wondering this, but it only happens to the AI monster D: