Evacuation Cutscenes

Just a couple of videos of the map intros for the Hunt mode on the Evacuation mode, including the hunters and monster winning outcomes in alphabetical order of the map name:

I hope you appreciate the effort of the current ones uploaded, since I hadn’t seen anyone else upload these cutscenes, so I thought I’d upload them with some neat editing. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Has anyone managed to extract the ingame voice lines?

You can find some of the dialogue for characters in the dropships here: http://dropship.evolveupdates.com/

Note: It’s not all of them I’ve noticed though unfortunately, but hope it helps if you didn’t know. :+1:

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I want the voice lines, not the dropship conversations :frowning:

No idea where to get them unfortunately, sorry.

Would love to be able to find them too. :+1: