Evacuation Cutscenes


Just a couple of videos of the map intros for the Hunt mode on the Evacuation mode, including the hunters and monster winning outcomes in alphabetical order of the map name:

I’m currently working on the Nest and Rescue intro cutscenes (will be harder, since it’s due to the Evacuation mode choosing the map to be the specific mode) and the last ones will be all the Defend maps with the Hunter and Monster Winning Scenes (depending on the map, the cutscene’s background will be different, which is a nice touch, compared to using the same one).
I might post them here depending, but I feel the ones worth posting were the above.

In short: I’m working on the Nest and Rescue cutscenes on all maps for Evacuation, but I hope you appreciate the effort of the current ones uploaded, since I hadn’t seen anyone else upload these cutscenes, so I thought I’d upload them with some neat editing. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: