[Evacuation] Campaign mod revealed (no video)


Hi everyone,

I just read some details on the Multiplayer Campaign and found it exciting, don’t think I saw a topic about it so had to share: Source in French.

We all remember the L4D Campaign, where we had to progress from one shelter room to the other.
The Evolve Campaign takes a little bit of this and adds more depth to it: to summarize, each campaign is divided in 5 rounds and lasts for around 45 minutes / 1 hour:

  • the first round will be a Hunt mod (what we experienced in the Alpha)
  • the last round is a Defense one (more details after)
  • the 3 others are choosen by the players: a vote system appears after each round letting them choose which map they want to play in. The map is randomly linked to a mod (Rescue / Nest): it changes each game.

The winning team on a map gets a bonus (specific to the map where they won) for the next round: for example, in the Distillery map the hunters must save a factory. If they win, the factory is saved and they get defensive turrets on the next map; if the monster wins, radioactive smokes will be present on the next map, damaging the hunters.
Turtle Rock says there are 800.000 combinations possible for the Campaign mod.

Image of Evacuation map

Details on Rescue mod:
The monster just attacked a base, some people survived: the hunters must find, heal and protect them until they reach a rescue point. At the beginning of the map 2 survivors are shown on the map, when they’ll have been saved or killed, 2 others will pop, then finally 5 more. If the hunters save a majority of the 9 survivors, they win. If the monsters kills a majority, he wins.

Details on Defense mod:
This mod takes place on specific maps: the hunters must protect a ship while it’s charging on fuel, automatic turrets support them. They must prevent the monster from destroying one generator, then a second one, and finally the cable linking the fuel to the ship. The monster begins the game at stage 3 and is helped by multiple Goliath stage 1 minions (AI controlled, can’t give them orders).

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