Evacuation as monster


Is there any way to win evacuation mode as monster?It seems to me that the only balanced mode in the game is the hunt mode.Nest and defence is a big joke.


Yes, Hunt is the most balanced game mode. That doesn’t mean you can’t win the other modes!
Different knowledge and tactics apply to different modes so bear that in mind.


You can but it can be damn hard sometimes. Usually nest ends with one egg left and 5 minutes on the clock. Usually that’s after one full whipe and waitout too. Kinda crazy that the hunters have the time to whipe three times. Damn loony mode. Make sure you intercept before they get to the last egg as far as possible and never fail to chase if one gets passed you. I have the most success with goliath here.

Defence is nigh impossible to be sure especially with autobalance. I’ve actually had some luck with wraith of all monsters. Only one really capable of evading the agro strat (counters Kraken really hard) and she can burst run the gens and turrets quickly. One mistake and it’s gg though. From watching the gens hp I think both warpblast and abduct do bonus dmg to the generator so you have less clock troubles on her. Just be damn careful of domes.


Wraith is BY FAR the worst monster for Defend. I recommend Kraken since you can do a lot of damage from a safe distance.

Also, I have won all 5 games of evacuation as the monster multiple times but it doesn’t mean its easy. You just have to have the right strategy for each game mode.

(My nest strategy)


I actually like defend. It puts more of a cat n mouse for the monster, except the cat can’t move and has a bazooka.

I always take goliath for defend. 3 points rock throw and cool down or damage. I rock throw the turrets to oblivion, and wreck the generator with minions!


Evacuation is very do-able as the monster.
Hunt Mode: It’s 50/50, just like any other hunt.
Nest Mode: Hunters have a bit of an advantage as they can spread out. it’s common to see high-dps choices that make this work. Get yourself Stage2, grab a buddy, and start hunting those hunters. I suggest Goliath or Kraken. I don’t like wraith for this one because she doesn’t “stick it”. You gotta press your face into their team if they’re all together and really mess em up.
Rescue: A slight advantage for the monster. You don’t need to fight the hunters, just kill the personell. It’s a bit hard as you have to “camp” them survivors… I suggest Kraken (who can engage with good abilities at long range).

Defend: This one should be relative cake. You start at stage3, and need to destroy turrets/reactors. Don’t KILL the hunters if you can help it. Try to get them away from the reactor then KD them. This could be in the form of an abduct or a chase. They keep coming back… and when they do, they have no strikes… So I find it easier/better to KD them to make their team “waste time” and to make them carry their strikes as long as possible.

I highly suggest Kraken (who does good damage from a distance, one again), but Goliath (who can stick-it well) and even behemoth (who can really drag out a fight at stage 3) are both good choices as well.


Autobalance throws some things heavily out of whack as do some of the map perks. If you win 4 times in a row as Monster you might as well quit when Defend comes up, there’s nothing you can do against a half-decent team. Playing Hunt when the Hunters have the med things that heal strikes is not fun, for example.

In general terms Nest is winnable - but it depends heavily on your anti-cloak game because when I play Nest it’s 90% of the time Bucket picks. If you reach S2 and spawn a minion you should have a good advantage especially if one runs off by himself.


Wraith is stronger on defend then goli. Kraken is good for gen campers but he can’t evade well when the hunters are on you right when the intro cinamatic ends. Aggresive hunters are the ones you are most likely to lose to. Desert map is gg pretty much regardless though. Seriously fuck that map. No monster is actually good on defend lets be frank. I do consistantly reach third gen in the very least on wraith. Kraken is either win or gen 1 bust, goli usually dies gen 1-2. Wraith is the only fun one on defence so she’ll stay my choice.


Please, just, just stahp. Wraith doesn’t stand a chance in defend. I have never had a Wraith last longer than three minutes let alone destroy (or even get close to destroying) the first generator.