Evac will die without better leave prevention


Every evac game ends after round 1 or 2 if the monster wins.

This is pretty unfair to monster players, we never get to complete a game of evac because the hunters throw a fit if they lose a game or two.

Meanwhile if a monster leaves the game continues with a bot.

Really though, there should be a 5 - 10 min dodge cooldown for evac. This is ridiculous.

P.S. - Yes, I’m mad.


I think it should remove the menu (quit), so now they have shut down the game.


No I am with you for sure! I hate that people just leave all the time. I don’t even like playing Evac because of this. I almost wish you would queue up in evac for a full game, and a long cool down penalty if you leave early.


I’ve posted about this before. The fact is when the monster leaves it just continues with a bot but when the hunters rage there’s no bot match for the monster. Also, bye bye hard earned bonus.