Evac Strategies - Difficulty


Hi guys,

Im just curious of what you think about evac campaign.
Is it too difficult for monster / hunters and how do you win the nest / rescue missions.

The first time i played it, i lost 5 campaigns straight, with 1 or to missions won out of 25 ( its when i was new to evolve ).
then i stopped playing evac for a while, and played ranked Hunt for about 400h , and got bronze elite rank and quite a bit of experience in general.
Then, i thought i should give evac another go, and see if i can win now ( as a monster ) .
Well, everything went exactly as i predicted. I lost all games except the last one. The whole evac seems so heavily hunter favoured( except the last round ) that i cant really even see how its possible to win the nest / rescue missions.

Nest and Rescue are both essentially arena games with Lv 1 monster with handicap.
In rescue, you have to run straight towards downed colonists, to kill them in time. Often, you cant even stop to get some armor because hunters would beat you to colonists then. Then, when you kill one of the colonists…the hunters arrive and you get domed, which often ends the game right there. While in dome, you cant really go after the colonists because…u are level one, and even if you down a colonist, they will revive him ( or worse if laz is in game. )

Then, if you survive the first dome, it repeats again with another 2 colonists, but that time its worse, because you have lost hp and armor in the first dome, and there is no time in between to eat. So…there second round is again, with lv 1 monster, with no armor.
( not a fair fight in any way ).

Going after the incapped colonists in first 2 rounds seems like a useless move.I think the only viable strategy is to ignore first 2 rounds and eat, try to reach Lv 2, so you could have a chance at the last round. But…even then, you are severely incapped, because you need to kill hunters and all colonists to win. When hunters keep you busy, colonists can escape. If even one gets away, you have lost. This means you are committed to the end.

The nest mode,…may seem like its monster favoured, but in reality, its the other way around. Again, if you attack right away, its an arena game with Lv 1 monster.
If you wait and try to get to Lv2, then it means you will have 1 egg left at the final encounter( hunters usually split and kill eggs 2 at a time ), and its Lv 2 game with 1 minion vs hunters with no strikes. Again, it may seem like monster has the upper hand, because he has the minion, but again, skilled hunters ignore the monster, and will kill the minion. And thats what matters. So, in the end, its again a fight with Lv 1 monster( the minion ) In my last game, the minion lasted about 5-6 seconds, which means the whole game was useless. And there is really nothing you can do to protect the minion.

So, here is my question. What should the monster do in those game modes, to have a chance to win.
I have thought about using kraken, and attacking at max distance possible.

An additional and significant bonus to hunters, is that they get to choose the map and mode for each round( its a vote between 4 hunters and 1 monster). So they can effectively counter any buffs monster might get or amplify their own. E.g if hunters get the “reveal monster” buff, then they would choose “Hunt” mode, instead of “rescue” because that buff is significant in hunt, but useless in rescue.

And finally, once you have lost the first 3-4 rounds in a row, you play the Defend round. By that time you have 4 buffs ( i still dont know what they do, or if they have any effect ), but in general, the only way for hunters to win in that round, is to come after and kill the monster. Getting timer win seems impossible atm.

Share your thoughts on Evac campaign.
Also, since i have only won a few times as a monster, im curious of what are the buffs monster can get.
So far ive seen

More food , teleport, eels in rivers, birds more hostile


Nest mode is indeed monster favored. The trick is to eat as much as possible until they start damaging the first eggs. At this point you need to hatch a minion and book it with your minion to the hunters. Your priority target is the assault because if he is distracted with you it greatly slows down their ability to take out the minion and the minion likes to focus the medic anyway. Once you take out assault your minion will either be dead or nearly so, so you would next focus medic or the support if they aren’t already down. Assuming things are going well you should have the assault and either the medic or the support gone. If you have the time go ahead and evolve or if not rush towards a remaining hunter and take him out just after the dropship timer finishes so they will still be down a hunter when the others actually land. All this time someone has probably snuck off to damage another egg so pay attention to that. Whether or not you managed to minimize the amount of hunters on the field if they have come back on the drop ship you should hatch another minion and repeat the process. If your down to your last egg be very careful about hatching the minion as they can easily setup a camp and annihilate the minion when it gets there so try to hatch this egg as a last resort


For Rescue, let them get the first two survivors (Unless you’re Goliath/Meaty or Bob, then just armor up and go kill the survivors). Evolve to Stage 2. Then go kill the survivors. If you see wildlife in your way or an elite one with a buff you like or one that would be useful, get it. Wraith and Bob should be really good due to Abudction/Tounge Grab being able to pull the survivor toward a location that you like.


I feel rescue is monster favored, nest is monster favored (Both generally speaking of course). I wish that the losing ‘team’ (Whether 1 monster or 4 hunters) gets to vote on next map/mode. Hunters being able to outvote the monster all the time is a bit silly. Not all map perks are created equal. I also wish that the winner was the highest total score and not whoever wins the last map.


It’s a slight damage increase for every bar. I’m not sure what the exact numbers are or if anything else is applied besides damage.

Post-Defend nerfs on the hunter’s side, it highly encourages the hunters to play “Hunt” and to repeatedly dome the monster to whittle down his HP away from the generator after they’ve killed the minions. Sadly, that’s how it currently is.

You can start a custom game in Solo and view/play with the map perks there. However, due to Evacuation rules, you can only play certain map perks on specific maps, but this is still a good way for you to personally see and/or experience them. As for a complete list of monster win map perks:

  • Armory: Random EMP bursts will temporary shut down all nearby hunter’s class abilities during the next map.
  • Aviary: The next map will have released Phantoms to harass the hunters.
  • Barracks: Dead bodies of colonists are scattered around on the next map, providing extra food for the monster.
  • Broken Hill Foundry: On the next map the monster will have a bohrium buff, making his melee hits stronger.
  • Broken Hill Mine: Periodic tremors occur on the next map, scaring all sets of grounded birds to make it harder to track the monster.
  • Dam: The next map will flood with water and aggressive eels that will attack the hunters.
  • Distillery: All wildlife on the next map becomes highly aggressive to the hunters.
  • Fusion Plant: Causes toxic gas clouds to appear on the next map, damaging any hunters that touch it.
  • Medlab: Large green Carnivorous Plants will spawn on the next map, which can be eaten to restore health.
  • Orbital Drill: Satellite debris rains down on top of hunters throughout the next match.
  • Refueling Tower: Monster gets a minion (Stage 1 Goliath) on the next map.
  • Rendering Plant: Striders are released and appear in large herds on the next map.
  • Weather Control: Causes a massive storm for the entire following match, making it harder to see the monster.
  • Wraith Trap: The monster will get portals to use on the next map.