Evac nest bug


alright not sure if bug or not, but its freaking annoying

i just played a round of nest, we lost the last round so the monster had a minion, we went around and destroyed all the eggs, thinking we would win, but noooo… we had to kill the minion, and the minion was basically invincible, im not sure if its because yo ucan only dmg it by damaging goliath, but please, that is such a broken buff for nest if it is not a bug -.-’


What? If the minion was absolutely taking no damage then you encountered a bug, but if not it takes something like 25-30 seconds of focus fire to take one down.


it did take dmg, but i used 3 entire charges of flamethrower without it losing hp, and then i used 1 and it took some.


That’s odd, @MacMan Bug report. 3 charges should of broken through its Armor.


Are you sure that the minion you couldn’t kill was the bonus minion and not a hatched minion? Doesn’t seem right that the monster could make nest have a 7th objective, doesn’t seem right


it was the bonus minion, thats the problem. we destroyed 6 eggs and didnt win


and i know it doesnt seem right, thats why i say its a bug.


We tried it in custom, and it is bugged here is proof

the minion took almost no dmg for the first 20 seconds, and then it did, like it had armor or something that we couldnt see

we won after killing the bonus minion, so it does counts as a 7th objective, which is a pain.

@macman thoughts?


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The extra minion’s health is too high. I’ll be following up on it.


I can second this bug, bonus minion in evacuation counts towards the objectives in nest meaning hunters have to kill 6 eggs + bonus minion. And since the bonus minion follows the monster he can run away with it and the time limit in that game is quite short


just happened to me we destroy the six eggs,
just to realize there’s a bug that force us to kill the minion bones but the minion was unbeatable