Evac Mode Auto Balance Numbers


Does anyone know the exact buff that you get for each auto balance block? I heard it was a bonus in damage but I’m wondering just how much. Something insane like 10% per buff or something much more subtle?


It’s not 10% per. I don’t know the exact value but all I know is its bonus damage and I think bonus health too. Don’t quote me on the health part but I know for a fact that damage is up there.

It’s not 10% per loss as I mentioned before, but if you lose all your games I’m pretty sure it can get to 10% if it stacks enough.


10% was just me high-balling it. Got a buddy I’m trying to convince that the auto balances are a good thing and not intended to be auto wins for a crappy player. He sees it as hurting the player by allowing them win with bad habits when they should really be learning from the loss.


I believe Squirrel said if you have all of them it’s 30%, or somewhere around there. I may be wrong though.

Also it has to be there otherwise there’d be way too much snowballing in pubs, because winning gets you a map bonus on the next round.