Evac... is it fair

I like Evolve and i like all the modes but sometimes it’s just unfair as the Monster in these ways

1 Nest is kind of hard if you play the way i do by using the eggs as distractions and then storming at stage 3 with a minion, if the hunters split up

2 Hunters help is kind of OP as it is powering up all the hunters

3 Most of Monster’s map effects dont help at all such as the more plants and phantoms

Lol, well you definitely don’t need to play Nest that way. Hatch an egg, follow the minion, if the Hunters are all grouped up, stay back and let him run in, sacrifice that guy while you go and stage up. Then come back at S2 full armor with a 2nd minion in tow. You should have no problem wiping the floor with them then. If they did split up, just go S1 with the minion to whichever group he finds first. GG Hunters.

Don’t think I’ve ever gone higher than S2 in Nest. You never really need to.

It all depends really, I’ve won and lost all kinds of game modes, from my mistakes and the other player(s) has/have made mistakes, Not every game is the same.

But as to your overall premise, I don’t think it’s too bad. Premades never really play Evac so the Hunters generally have low coordination/team synergy. Almost every time I play it I go 5-0. But I consider myself pretty far above average so you can take that with a grain of salt if you’d like.

OK Guys
I might not play Nest but 2 and 3 have points

I’ve won games because the hunters kept getting caught in plants, or attacked by the phantoms, most of them were low on health and the medic struggled to keep them healed when I attacked.

Well yeah, but I still stand by what I said as a counter to two. Sure, they get the auto-balance to help them out, but the overall bad team coordination cancels that out and then some.

For the third point, yeah I agree with that. Some of the Hunter buffs are pretty useless too though. Both sides have buffs you couldn’t really care less about and they have buffs that are pretty much crippling. The symmetry makes it fair.

Nest and Rescue both feel Hunter favored, to be honest. A Hank/Caira combo is essentially untrumpable on Rescue- it can only be beaten in Hunt because when you focus Hank or Caira it slices the combo in half, but in Rescue it takes FULL effect- and Nest? Bucket is like god on that. Parnell can solo eggs in like twelve seconds, and that’s if he uses the Rocket Launcher to the fullest as opposed to just using the Shottie entirely, which is more effective. Then a Medic and Trapper combo like Laz and Abe/Crow can take eggs on their own. If you engage Stage One, the Medic, Trapper and Assault fall back on the player being attacked. Bucket will go off and keep pulverizing eggs as you deal with them. If you try and Evolve first, you’ll MAYBE have one egg left, and that’s a BIG maybe.

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in my opinion the gamemodes nest, rescue and defend are still hunter fav.

yesterday i wanted to play some evac as monster again after what seemed like ages, right after my first game i ragequit… when people keep playing nest with bucket, they can play against monster bots. i’m not gonna play monster for them to entertain them in this stupid games modes.

I disagree, the Monster has time to stage up to 2 for a confrontation in Rescue, which seems a fair fight.

In Nest the minion can be extremely disruptive - a Stage 2 fight alongside the minion wipes a grouped team and a stage 1 with the minion wipes a split.

The Monster won’t get to Stage 2 against a Nest Specced team, the eggs will be gone in seconds. And hatching a minion is an excuse to get it killed- you will get a down or two but good Hunters will have it on the ground FAST. :stuck_out_tongue:

By then the Hunters should’ve prettymuch secured the first four survivors. Or, if we assume they aren’t super pro, the first two. Hank + Caira = No down on any survivors. Not a chance. And if you focus Hank or Caira, we all know they can keep themselves standing for a long time. :stuck_out_tongue:

If they are clearing that fast, they are splitting and a Stage 1 hit with the Minion should be able to wipe part of their team.

After that its a game of cat and mouse where the Monster can use smell.

Generally I think its best to rush Stage 2 and just fight the Hunters on Rescue.

Though admittedly Behemoth may be, well, interesting in those modes centered on moving quickly.

I’ve both done this myself and had it done to me.

I suppose it’s not as bad as I make it out to be. :stuck_out_tongue: I still feel like there are imbalances, ESPECIALLY taking into account the map bonuses. Sometimes they’re worthless. Sometimes they’re OP af.

The way my Rescue went was everytime i left the survivors as they were on the other side of the map and the same went with the second lot though i managed to get to S2 i started killing the survivors but as soon as I killed one survivor the hunters would arrive and have to fend me off the body so lazarus could revive them

Admittedly my experience may be colored by how I played - I used to play a lot of evacuation with an aggressive Wraith, though it always felt dirty if I ran.

Map bonuses range from useless to kind of helpful to insane - the teleporter bonus is a good example of both sides having an insane potential bonus.

The Eels are probably an example of a terrible Monster bonus on the other hand.

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Every time I’ve played Nest as Monster, it was an easy Stage 1 win. Take one in fire just for feeding, the rest in Rock. Armor up to full and hatch an egg. Even a team which was relatively good (beat me in the previous Hunt round) fell pretty quick.

Also, just gonna say, Phantoms are annoying as hell as a Hunter.

Nest and Rescue are things I find easy wins for the monster, rescue more so than nest.

For nest I grab the egg closest to the hunter spawn, without bothering to feed, and if I have food available after the hatching I engage, if not I rush and feed while they kill the first minion, I then hatch a second and fight them asap, Almost always wiping quickly, Unless the support runs and hides, At which point I stage up and then kill them on their return.

For rescue I rush the hunter spawn area, once the survivors spawn I race over and murder them, being able to cover distance far fast than the hunters makes this easy, only Slim presents resistance, and only if he is fast enough. Otherwise the hunters arrive too late to save the survivors, and a race for the second group begins, If I can’t beat them to the survivors I let them have them, if not I race in and kill them, Killing 1 survivor of 5 is far easier than having to kill them all.

I don’t usually lose either modes, as speed is more important, and the monster has speed.

Rescue is very monster favoured. It doesn’t help the survivor AI is dumb as a rock.

Nest is a different story.

I like markov/val/bucket/abe for nest. Markov can basically solo a minion on his own and val gives those sweet sweet weakpoints. Val and abe can take one an egg by themselves no prob.

A very tough combo to be sure, but the trick is to not leave the minions unattended unless you know you aren’t winning.

That’s why I let the minion lead the monster to the assault then have it walk into a mine field. The monster won’t even have time to deal any real dmg before the minion is dead at that point. forcing him to either attack me (which is fine, he’s just wasting time then) or go after the others.