Evac co op


2-4 players against ai.

Why won’t it start a game immediately if the monster is ai? I have a group of three people and it just sits here searching for two people, which it should only be searching for one since the monster is ai.


Sorry, it’s trying to matchmake you. When the full game comes out, you can co-op against ai in a custom game very easily.


Cool! Wasn’t a big deal, just odd. You guys look to have a busy three weeks ahead, good luck and thanks for the awesome game!


Cool. Thanks for having patience. You’ll get what you want out of the full release!


that’s why I’m now playing the tutorial all the time, not so much interested in pvp games! I’ll just wait for release with my pc monster edition lol

So can you make a lobby where you specify that the bot is monster and still wait for 4 players ? Or search for coop games as well ?


Not currently. Normally we expect you’ll play co-op with buddies, and in that scenario, you’ll probably want to play a custom game. But making a co-op option in the multiplayer matching is very easy if enough people want it.


If its that easy mac, do it up!

Im incredibly impressed with the quality of what TR has made here


Hi when the game is released can you play coop with friends online (over xbox live) against an AI monster on the different game modes?

A bit like you could with l4d in a private match with your friends?




Yes you can. You can play with any combination of AI characters. So if you have two friends, you can play any role and the AI will take over the rest.