Evac Challenge


My mates and I are keen to play through evac without changing characters for each mode as an additional challenge. From what we’ve seen (and played in Alpha and Beta) different characters suit nest better than others, or changing combinations does, and we want to try playing same people whole way and make the best of what we’ve got and adapt more to the situation presented (monster staying the same too).

We can enforce it ourselves as it’s our decision but does anyone know if there has been mention of this as an option before or if it’s a possibility to set within games as well? I guess if we just do custom games it’s not open to public yet anyway (until/if unranked stuff comes online from previous discussions).

We reckon it’ll be heaps fun and something to change up strategies even more as we get better at this game we’re so keen for…and isn’t even out yet haha :smiley:


This sounds awesome


I will be sure to try this. It sounds awesome!


Fun but I’d choose the team for defend because that decides the outcome.


Yeah we’re pretty keen for it. It’s funny cos when we first saw evac we assumed that’s what it would be, then watching a play through we were going “what you can change each time? holy crap” haha.

@Commando_Wraith I reckon I’d probably decide similarly, but while it does do the outcome, your bonus experience comes from civs saved/killed, so good wins earlier can give a massive boost to that as well.

No-one we’re aware of has tried it like this yet though so I guess we’ll find out as we go haha