Europe no preload yet 14h left?


Will the turtle get out under rock and start working ,so we get the game ready at the time it starts? Ill give it 2 more hours and probably refund it via psn ,you just cant cheat your customers,first with dlc money milking now with preloads


As you can see, we already have a thread related to this topic. Furthermore, the PS4 pre-load has already begun. Finally, kindly refrain from insulting a developer that has been nothing but honest and upfront with us. We have not been cheated, nor are we being milked. Educate yourself before talking nonsense here.


Simple: Cancel your PSN order, get a refund, buy the disk version.
In Europe, the PS4 release has been screwed up.
PSN customers can not even preload the game,
while retail customers are already playing the game since Saturday.


Problem is i cant cancel mine order and it will take atleast 3 days to get tje disk …,what ppl already playn? Are you kidding me? Thanks for telling me that ill just skip this game then



10 chars.


Edit that message. Attacking people on the forum isn’t tolerated.


In fairness, the delay might not be TRS / 2K’s fault.

I mean, PSN / Sony doesn’t have the best reputation for running smoothly.

That’s only a maybe, though. No idea what’s actually caused the screw up, I just long since gave up on Sony being able to run a tight ship.


Why should i? And telling someone to get away it tollerated?


I’m informing you that it’s against the rules before everyone simply flags it.

  1. Dont insult people
  2. Some retail gamers could play because the stores broke the street date neither 2K nor Turtel Rock are at fault for that (and honestly I dont get why people get buthurt over it I would be happy to play earlier so I am happy for others when they can play earlier)
  3. Nobody is beeing milked by the DLC. You dont want to buy it? Then dont buy it, you can still play against/with DLC chars or play them yourself in Botgames when you hotswap with the bots


meh psn sucks i know just hope the refund will be done


and its not nice someone gets early acess and you dont they could turn servers off till that date of release ,you paid for it


Well then TRS and 2K should definitely get on their back so they can deliver what they promise to their customers. They can’t just point their fingers at PSN or Sony.


Yeah so did the others^^
They couldnt turn off the servers because the majority playing were people with the press-version.
And honestly are we all this petty that we cant be happy for someone other to get lucky to play a game 3 days earlier?


True, true, and I would be surprised (and saddened) if someone from 2K and / or TRS wasn’t giving Sony hell over it. (If, that is, it is a Sony glitch. If not, then I hope some TRS tech guy is feverishly working to fix it. ;p)


These complications are mainly Sony’s fault. PSN uses a type of update software technique that must clash with TRS’s system. That, or Sony is trolling. Either one.


I guess that’s what you get for using a Playstation in the first place.


How come this is the first game i preordered with this kind of failure?


Well that is also one of the problems, the lack of communication. If they would just fess up and say that they are aware of it and plan to fix it today, no problem.

But currently it seems they just don’t care about the market outside NA (not saying that they don’t, just stating the preload is available when its not and no other comments sure makes it look that way).


Fair - communication would certainly help.

But… and this sucks, but - they might not know what’s up either, yet. And while it helps to say “something is wrong and we’re looking into it”, it helps more to say “This is the problem, this is the ETA for the fix”. A lot of companies can be slow saying the former if they think that they’ll be able to say the latter any minute now. I know. There have been times when I have been the poor tech guy sitting under the gun.

That, combined with trying to work out not just what’s wrong, but on whose end the issue is, makes for slow responses. Which, yeah, sucks - we really shouldn’t be depending on us random folks on the forum to provide updates on this - but it happens. -_-