Europe hype


IT’S HAPPENING!!!11111111 Guys, just wanted to say that you’re all awesome but I’m going to kill you all and eat your corpses. See you in the game.


mine is still at preparing to launch evolve



Why is it not launching! Why does it still say it’s unreleased!?


Still in queued for me. Come on people! Lemme through! Me first! (joke)


Yeah it should take from 5 to 20 minutes depending on our HDD.
I especially put the game on my SSD so i won’t have to wait that much :slight_smile:


Restart steam, it did it for me.


4 mins of unpacking for me.

Carefull @Samyaza just told me that when he opens the game just auto-closes.Lets hope we won’t all have the same problem


I’ve restarted it several times now but still not launching!


Click on “download” at the bottom.
Steam will then tell you what it does:

  1. First it will download a little bit.
  2. Then it will reserve space.
  3. Then it will unpack.
    Then you can … :smiley:


Keep restarting people it will happen - at least it worked for me.


Getting close.


Unless it says “Queued” in that case you just need to wait a bit.


mine says 10 mins and counting up :S damn you and your fast SSD


Can someone who gets inside the game tell us if its working?A friend from steam @Samyaza has already finished but every time he press play he goes back to steam again.Game just doesn’t launch

Ps.30 seconds


Did he try to restart steam just in case ?



IF you can’t launch the game go to right-click/properties/local files/verify integrity.

THAT WILL SAY WE ARE MISSING 169 FILES=100 MB.Download them and you are good to go.

Thank me later


6 minutes left


Everything works now.


mine says 8 mins now :open_mouth:


Mine says 15 min! I should have put it in my SSD :slight_smile: