EU/PC Player with some experience looking for Mates


Hey guys & gals.

I played a good amount of Evolve now and would like to have some mates to play & win with on a regular basis. So, if you’re a good (adult) gamer and interested in actually using your microphone, please feel free to add me on Steam. If you need some Tips & Tricks I’d be happy to teach ya.

I am 24 years old and from Germany - would prefer to play with an English speaking group though.

SteamID: jeroan

Hope to see y’all while hunting. :wink:


Hey jeroan I can’t seem to find you on steam but me and my friend play assault/trapper and got rank 1 as abe and parnell in the beta.

If you would like to play with us could you send me a link to your steam profile? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Help us get Gridom to a cool start and create your group there!
There are a lot of LFG threads popping out so we just have to find each other :slight_smile: