Ethereal Gaming is Recruiting!



Hey there, Hunter!

My name is Melidas, a Community Officer for the gaming community Ethereal Gaming, and we are looking to start up an Evolve section!

Do you need someone to team up with?
Are you looking to join a fun and friendly gaming community?
If so, please read below for more information about Ethereal Gaming.

What is Ethereal Gaming?
Ethereal Gaming is a Worldwide multi-gaming community that is looking for new members every day!
We are group of playful, kind, and relaxed gamers. Come join us and let’s have fun gaming together!
The community utilizes a TeamSpeak 3 server for voice communication.

What is a multi-gaming community?
This just means that EG hosts a wide variety of games (listed below).
Smite, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO and League of Legends.
We plan to host more games as the community grows!
If you play any of these games, feel free to head over to those sections in our TeamSpeak server!

Do I need TeamSpeak 3 to join?
Yes, TeamSpeak is the primary means for voice communication within the community.

What type of gaming styles do you accommodate?
Ethereal Gaming accommodates both casual and competitive gaming styles.

Come and be a part of an exciting, growing, gaming community.
Join the family. The fun starts here!

Signing Up is FAST and EASY!
Go to the website
On the top right of that page, there is a link called “Join Ethereal Gaming”. Click that.
Sign up on the forums.
Once logged into the forums, there will be a link on the Navagation Bar saying “Apply to Ethereal Gaming”.
Fill out a General application.
One of our staff members will be right with you to process your application within minutes!
Hop onto our teamspeak server ( and we will provide you with an introduction to the community!

You must be at least 16 years old or older.
Must Have a Working Microphone.
Must Have TeamSpeak 3.
Must be able to understand/speak English.


I can do 1 out of 4 of these things :stuck_out_tongue:

Why TS3 though? I hear Discord is better


I see no link…


now i’m interested…
Why not have a public tryout… Via a Tournament (if the sponsorship is worthwhile)


Our enitre community is based on a 512 slot TS server, it’s much easier to keep track of compared to Discord.


My bad, all of the needed links are now included!


Fair enough


We are not competitive as a whole, although members may want to start up a competitive group!

We are just recruiting so people will not have to PUG is out anymore. It’s a place to have fun!


look forward to seeing it. Keep me posted.


Staff application? Thats the only application that I can see


Sometimes the foums bug out and that appears, It will be the same thing.


I assume you’re North America based, right?


We are Worldwide Gaming Community. We have members across the world.


Alright. Good to know. It wouldn’t have made a huge difference but having local teammates is always preferable for latency and timezone reasons.


Cant tell if my application is being sent, It just looks as If the captcha box gets unchecked and I have to resend.


I am not receiving anything on my end, you might have to refresh and rewrite. I haven’t experienced that bug before.


Did it go through?


That time it did!