ETA on "Skilled matchmaking" fix?

I’d like to know if and when the matchmaking in Hunt will be improved.

Ever since Update 2.04 (July 30) it has been impossible for me to find other players even remotely close to my skill level.

Either the system is bugged or extremely inaccurate.
I don’t see anything that might cause me to be constantly paired with new players.
My global winrate is positive, I have over 1k hours in Evolve, there’s plenty of players in my region (EU) and I have a few characters elite.
I’ve no idea what your hidden “skill rating” is based on but for the last 2 weeks I’ve been paired with nothing but new players (<100hrs). Teammates that throw bad domes, don’t shield as Tech Hank, etc.

2 weeks ago you effectively broke multiplayer for me and I’d like to know whether a fix is in the works. Or at least why I’m getting paired with - even if I were theoratically the worst possible player above level 45 - players far below my skill level.

It’s not fun. It’s gamebreaking. I haven’t had a fair match in pubs since that update went live 2 weeks ago (and I’ve a couple of friends reporting the same problem).
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I have same issue same region.
I do not see how can gold destroyer get paired with 0.1 hour played people.
I have collected information about current issues and faq come here:

and click on matchmaking

tld;r They found errors in code

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Yeah, as expected, new players have a default starting score that puts them too high in skill ranking. I imagine new players that end up with a decent early win ratio end up with a skill ranking that (wrongly) puts them at the same skill as someone that’s been playing many more hours.

Possible, but I haven’t encountered any exceptions in the last 2 weeks.

9/10 times it’s me and 4 beginners.
The other 1 time it’s me teamed up with 3 beginners and a Monster with almost as many hours as me against which we don’t stand a chance.

If I had to guess it’s probably because your casual skill is right around the default skill of new players.

Assuming this is the case, you should hopefully notice a difference once this adjustment is made!


We are trying a couple things in the next few weeks, including another beta queue that may allow for monster/hunter queue like ranked.