Eta on new patch?

I know the new patch/hunt 2.0 comes out August 11, but is there a eta on the time? Is it right at midnight or in the afternoon on August 11. Just curious :slight_smile:

Niaccurshi Edit:

Above count down may not be accurate, it’s based on rough timings.


Probably afternoon :frowning:

Roughly between 12pm and 3pm PDT, with Jack available roughly around 5pm PDT if you haven’t got the season pass. These are rough timings from the Patch 5.0 thread, not official, and not absolute, but some idea of what is being worked towards.

I posted this in another thread:


Awesome thank you

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If only I didn’t have to go to work and hour after the potential release time :cry::cry::cry:

Guess I’ll just pull an all nighter when I get home :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Soon™. <Because soon is today/tomorrow.


18 hours from this post

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that is an educated guess. Not confirmed at all

Eh, he’ll have known that if he read the whole thing. ^.^

hehehe probably long gone. I like how tara says i can’t reiterate that enough

12h from this post for PC/PS4
15h from this post for Xbox

does that mean there is like 8 hours untill we get it? ._. its like night in europe

AH! the wait, it’s to much I cannae take it no more! XD

The update isn’t live yet but I can see Jack on the PSN store mocking me.

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I love being apparently the only guy on this forum who’s not overly hyped for the new update.

It helps me enjoy the finer things in life, such as the posts from all the other members on this forum who can’t take the wait anymore.

Have some of this then :

OMG, totally can’t wait for the new update :smiley:
It’s going to be so amazing :smiley:
######loses head


Hmm yes, your impatience satisfies me.

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PST is a nightmare for us Europeans because it’s normally 7.30-8pm here when we get their patches,don’t know why we don’t get it at 12pm our time,stupid really

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Would be nice if we got it mid day here as well, but it makes sense to bring out the patch everywhere at the same time, as depending on the playerbase in your area, you may be matched with people from further afield, which might cause issues if you’re running on different versions. It’s a bit of a pain, but that’s life :L

Yeah but take this for instance in EU store jack is available to purchase so I did (didn’t bother with season pass this time) and I can’t play him probably till the patch arrives,why have it in store if we can’t play with him…?

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