ETA on new Game Modes


I think that can really help bring a bunch of players back and even encourage new players to join in on the hunt.

Also send me a friend reaquest if you need someone to play with this summer

Gamertag is RS27


Lets focus on fixes first.


Are there still balancing issues?


Bugs out the ass with new content release, that needs fixed.


Been really busy with collage so I haven’t had any time to play. I did play Slim and think he’s a really strategic and artistic addition to the team. Sunny looks OP though.


Ehh, Sunny needs mild tweaks. The people complaining about her, can’t counter her yet. They will learn eventually.


I don’t know, hunt is the only mode that’s fun for me, and it kind of feels enough. Tried all other currently available modes a few times, and don’t feel like ever going back to those again. There are still quite a few bugs and general improvements to be done, I’d rather see those fixes than a new mode to be honest. Wouldn’t mind new maps though.


Feel bad for xbox :wink:
getting maps first gave them A bunch of bugs (and we are not talking Dune beetles)
Get Bugs first only on Xbox One :smiley:


Maybe it’s a good thing I’m so busy with school than. Hope the bugs get fixed soon.


New game modes for me. I play evacuation a lot and it needs more variety.


MacMan confirmed that a new mode has been in the works for a while now.