ETA on: disconnects, crashes and improvements on gamedesign


I would really like to know if there is going to be ANY plans on fixing actual bugs. After 3 months, some things should have been looked at and not being “put” on the already long list of things to fix.

  • Why are people disconnecting from the game while having 100% stable internet connection?
  • Why does the game still crash for so many people on PC?
  • Also, why is it that the game startup takes so long that when you disconnect from your team, you cannot get back in before the matchmaking already found someone to replace you. Giving awkward situations asking them to leave.
  • Why is it that people still get stuck in the drop ship, even more likely after a match-restart?
  • Why is it that the monster can actually outvote a 4 man hunter team when they encounter gamebreaking bugs…?
  • I can understand the mechanic against trolling teams, but it is pretty gamebreaking because of the current bugs.
  • Or let players type or choose a reason for a restart if needed.
  • Why are bodies still falling through the ground, even though the developers have noticed it very early?
  • Why is it that Lazarus still barely can revive people who died in water?
  • Why does it take so long to fix Daisy’s AI to make her not-so-stupid at times
  • Seriously it’s the most unreliable dog ever, try to dust tag, or tranq the monster and see how Daisy is just fooling around at times. Reviving with Lazarus alive… not reviving the last player as a last suicide act, not reviving any player at all, just standing there “POINT”. Running around like a confused Nomad, howling when still following the monster in the right direction…
  • Why do the hunters still get matched up against a bot monster while the monster doesn’t get to play against a bot hunter team?
  • Don’t waist our time playing against a bot that dies at the third minute stage 1
  • Why is it that you cannot play/train monster when you actually want to play monster, and get teamed up as a hunter…
  • And vice versa ofc. Trying to play as a hunter, and get selected as a monster. I’d REALLY like to be put in a Que for a role if I actually want to play it. Wasting my time not getting what I want is just becoming stupid. This week I wanted to play 1 monster match. Took me 10 games, and 40 minutes getting into hunter lobbies, leaving, trying again. I try to play medic once, get picked as monster…
  • Why does wildlife spawn so late in custom games with wildlife population on normal?
  • Why does it take so many actions to get something done in custom games? It feels like basic 2004 interaction design. Random maps, being able to change map right after a match without backing out 4 screens…

Some of these things can be done in a matter of hours, some take a few day’s, some might take an actual month. We are seeing too little, too slow. If you release a 60 dollar game and act like it’s an AAA titel, then treat it like it is. Seeing 10 balance changes and a few code changes every month is a little slim.

I can understand that making new maps, characters, ranked matchmaking etc takes time. Some of these things though need to have some serious priority now. There is not a single day that you can play without any of these bugs happening in the game. Even Skyrim with 100+ mods runs more stable at times.


Sadly, the devs haven’t updated the bugs list since forever, making players paranoid because they don’t know if the bugs that they have experienced are aknowledge by devs and the results is tons of people posting about the same bug, I think TRS needs to improve their comunication with the players, but not just on the forums, but in their official pages, for example, tons of people don’t know about the reload bug because the devs have only confirmed this bug through forums, nothing official, so yeah, there are tons of players that don’t know what’s really going with bugs and other stuff.




Do you knew of any other developers that frequent their own forums almost daily?


Tons of them, not triple A titels, but most of them have their stuff fixed before they release the game, or release a patch that fixes the problems not soon after. That, or they communicate that they are aware of the problems and will release a fix in an “x” amount of time.

Communication should be direct and clear. If you choose not to be too transparent that is alright, but at this rate it feels like 80% of the team has quit, or is doing something completely else, and the rest have the attitude of a indie team that just earned 20 mill and kinda don’t feel like working anymore.

I KNOW this isn’t true, but having developers visit the forums every day doesn’t fix anything.

I once talked for months on how we were going to finish our EPIC minecraft server with a completely automated temple/gauntlet (5-6 hours of single/multiplayer fun in minecraft + a progression system AND hard mode…) that can work for weeks supporting at least 20 players going in every run… We got to 50% and stopped communicating, a “bugfix” came in and completely messed up our server, making it unplayable. 5000 hours of work gone like the wind.


I think it’s great how often the devs read and visit these forums since I know they’re very busy and not a lot of studios do this, but at the same time I agree with @Buckets_Sentry_Gun. The devs simply can’t read every post on the forums so I’m sure there are some bugs that have been lost somewhere in these forums; just because someone made a post about their issue doesn’t mean it was found and written down by a TRS or 2K employee.

Maybe @DamJess could ask @MrStrategio or someone else for a list of the bugs they’re already working on and will be in the future? Or for any that they’re aware exist. Then someone reading it could say, “Hey, the bug I found isn’t listed here,” and then they could add it.

I usually post my bugs in the original bug thread, but so many people just make their own for their one issue that there are so many to scroll through that I’d be overwhelmed if I were them lol


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What kind of games are they? Are these games releasing on multiple platforms? I’m just wondering if we are comparing apples to apples.

[quote=“Silverborn, post:5, topic:57876, full:true”]Communication should be direct and clear. If you choose not to be too transparent that is alright, but at this rate it feels like 80% of the team has quit, or is doing something completely else, and the rest have the attitude of a indie team that just earned 20 mill and kinda don’t feel like working anymore.

I KNOW this isn’t true, but having developers visit the forums every day doesn’t fix anything.

I never said that visiting the forums would fix anything, you and BSG intimated that you do not think there is enough communication between the developers and the community. I am simply saying that they visit, post, and respond more than any other AAA developer that I have personally seen. They could leave things totally in the dark and only update the community via blog posts like most developers do. They could, but they don’t. Again, in my experience.


That depends greatly. The most common take on this is the freshness of the game. The younger the game is, the more developers are prone to throw themselves with the community. Half of the time it’s company restrictions, from what i’ve been told, they need to hold back to not tell the community something that isn’t true or will give them the wrong idea of what is to come.

You already feel that TRS is being really careful of what they are saying. Not giving out too much information, not responding to criticizing questions etc. This pattern will grow until they will reduce their communication to a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

The companies that hold hands with their community are often relatively small and are most likely independent. Indie studio’s do this a lot, games that bring new concepts to the market (Evolve), games that haven’t gotten the sales they expected and start to bond with the community that does like the game.

Well… There is a difference between the experience of the consumer and the experience of the person selling/creating the experience. If you hold out information without the consumer knowing about it, it won’t matter. When they do know about it, but no communication is going out… you are swimming in dangerous waters.

Take Evolve as the example again. They have thrown this game out into the world for the full price, above average costs for DLC (free-to-play prices) and the marketing that was included before release was worthy of an actual AAA title. IF you do this, the consumer NEEDS to expect the get ‘worth’ for their money. And we already experienced that other games (Battlefield 4 for example) can be released in a broken build. BUT they stepped up greatly communicating to their players that they are working on it as hard as they can. Giving relative updates on the progress. Not too much, not too little.

So then there is the developer that has to focus on creating an experience that meets up with the initial expectation of the consumer. And Evolve did not do that.

Their whole marketing strategy would have worked if the game was cheaper, and the prices were lower. The actual thing that happened was that it completely backfired. Say 60% of the people that wanted to buy the game didn’t because of the criticism the game received. And this is no ones fault but their own.

The most common thing said about Evolve? ‘The game is actually really good and you can have great fun playing it. BUT it is really expensive and for the price you REALLY need to like the game before you buy it.’ And to add to that, Evolve is a NEW concept in the current gaming industry. People are shit scared of new concepts because all they got the last few years were unoriginal bullshit games that repeated the same crap every time. New concepts tend to fail if treated wrong.

So basically I am stuck between two camps. One, being that I’ve worked in the game-journalism industry for quite some time now, second being an actual Evolve player that loves the game, but sees all these flaws. These two sides of the story are in great conflict. My experience and collective memory about all the other games is feeling a lack of interest and manpower on fixing the actual problems. A publisher that fucked up so greatly that a great game is suffering greatly because of it. As a player I am content with what we got, but I am getting impatient. The amount of fixes, the amount of changes that are actually implemented are really small. Enough to keep the publisher happy, but (again) it ‘feels’ like this is simply the time where they should step up and fix the actual gamebreaking problems.

Both of these opinions come to the conclusion that, again, the price of this game does not even come close to the expectations you can have from an AAA title. The actual support after release is not worth the pricetag the game has. All these flaws, they communicate NOTHING to us on the status of these fixes.

We get answers that tell us nothing. “Yes we know about the mistakes, but we are currently focusing on fixing other things first before we can focus on that.” We know that they are finishing up the new maps + modes + new characters first, because their contract tells us. But in the meantime we are receiving a handful of balance changes every now and then, changes that should also already be included to support a game like this. We are getting no updates on the actual progress on fixing gamebreaking bugs.

Again… if you can make a AAA title in a few years but you cannot manage to change a few lines of code??? It’s like building a house but lacking the strength to replace a few bricks. Everyone knows it’s bullshit.


silver I wouldnt be surprised if your post got deleted since it had meaning, whenever someone has something valuable to say the comment disappears.


Well, that would be really be a dumb thing to do. The moment you censor people on what they are saying, while stating an opinion about current affairs is the first sign of ‘downfall’. Not being able to take criticism is something a website I used to work for did and they were one of the biggest here in the Netherlands. They once were the biggest website in the Netherlands, now a few years later they need to be glad to pick up the scraps.

And the fun thing is… They too had problems with their publisher. Made decisions for them that were none of their business and completely killed 60% of the community by it. And that is a free website to visit. This game costs money, and for a lot of people that is enough reason to wait it out. And now? The community already plummeted, and they are living of the “scraps”.

I absolutely adore this game, one of the most fun games I have played in years (and I’ve played a LOT :stuck_out_tongue: ) It makes me so sad that the amount of things that should be worked on are going so slow. I simply cannot imagine how a full team can work so slow. How they make decisions that make no sense at all.

I have discussion with fellow Evolve gamers and we all think and say the same things. How they cannot see these logical things goes far beyond me…

Take the last Slim nerf for example. He already was too weak compared to the others, so they nerfed his spore cloud by 20% keeping the cloud size the same. Making him even weaker and giving him a false visual effect (same as the Wraith Warp Blast). Tho choices that absolutely make no sense at all.

THEN the next patch they choose to fix Slim to make him stronger again (next patch).

Please do tell how this is logical? Haha it makes no sense at all. Some people have stated that this game feels like it’s in early access. I’d actually be pretty happy if it was. Make the game free to play februari next year see this game get some great numbers of players back that would love to try it out and get their own opinion about it.


i dont like the idea of f2p because if F2P fails they cant go back to P2P


Well if next title update won’t fix at least some bugs I’ll lose faith in this game completely. I love it, I am one of the few who still playing on a PC, I can even enjoy games with pubs, but even my fanboyish devotion has it’s limits. I’ll be gone to Temeria and Triss, maybe I’ll play 2 or 3 games with friends if someone will invite me, but there will be no more 4-5 hours of Evolve in a row, no matter with who and how. If after next update I’ll need to deal with low playerbase, leavers, glitch\bug abusers AND bugs, that would be too much. Save me from bugs at least, please.


Well there isn’t much afterlife after death either. F2P would allow a bigger playerbase, more players means more fun and it means more income for the developer and publisher. Making the game cheaper and putting it on sale would also be a good choice, but the game hasn’t dropped below 30 euro’s still? You can buy the game for that price, since release, on 3rd party sites.

And for PC, the playerbase could really use a boost in players. But this is fixing temporary stuff like the playerbase is only so much. Bug fixes on all platforms and getting the damn stability in order (the crashes and disconnects really need to disappear), will be a better foundation to play.

If you make a multiplayer only game, make pretty darn sure that things like the matchmaking, ranked matches etc, are all included and work accordingly. Small budget for a storyline, no budget for a singleplayer, small budget for audio design and a small budget for the technical parts in the engine. It’s multiplayer only, it requires less money to make, a smaller team to build and they made something fantastic. But the aftermath… they need to step up.


With regards to issues reported on these forums, I’m hopeful it will become better organized as we’ve recently added @Shaners, our new community coordinator, to the team who will be assisting Jess with the forums. This by proxy will assist QA with organizing bugs reported. I am finding myself stretched thin doing my job and sifting through these forums piecing together clues, as I’m sure Jess is busy as well. So with Shaners on board, she should be able to focus more directly with the community and give more updates.


I realize you probably do not want to maintain a comprehensive list of bugs with your game that is public for obvious reasons. That being said, I personally think you should.

I think it would “Help us, Help you”. If we find something that is not on the list we can let you know and we can as a community cut back on the endless repeat threads that I am sure is tedious for you to sift through.

The Known issues bug list has never been comprehensive and has never been upkept consistently. I think the community would like it if this happened.


alot of people have experienced various issues… today i was trying to play with friends and we froze twice and i got sent to the dashboard twice.


So there is a chance windowed fullscreen will actually be windowed fullscreen? Or at least aknoelweed to not work? What a delight.


After many many hours with this game I can’t help but feel like I’ve spent $90 to be a play tester. Not one single night of Evolve has been smooth sailing for me… I’ve been able to deal with it, but now I’m afraid I’m done with the bullshit until TRS fixes the core problems with the game.

I don’t care about balance changes, I care about not losing connection every fourth match.


@Shaners any chance of an update on ETA or progress of fixes for the “game client stability” variety of bugs?

On Playstation 4, Evolve freezes and crashes to home screen and disconnects from server a whole helluva lot more than any other game I own — especially since the Behemoth update.

And please, for the love of all that is holy to every religion or individual on the face of this greenish-blue globe we inhabit:

Do not parrot the “contact your service provider” ‘party line.’

I maintain constant connection to the world wide web, Playstation Network, game servers of any other title on Earth, but if I want to remain connected to a lobby in Evovle for more than 2-5 consecutive matches — then I must be up some aqueous tributary while lacking a locomotion device.

please Evolve did not launch with this level of instability and I have yet to see its extent acknowledged officially, or a list of intended fixes provided.

As someone who has Evovle in his disc tray near-constantly since release… I’m getting frustrated…


Just saw this post from our co-founder from early April.

Please disregard my questions in this post. Sorry to tag you when not necessary :blush: