ETA on a patch?


Is there a rough ETA on a patch coming soon to Xbox one? Like a week from now? or days? Or hours? The progress resetting and shadow glitch are really hurting this game for me.


It’s only been one day, please give the development team time to ascertain what exactly needs to be fixed.


Considering the game went gold in January there should be zero graphical issues with the game.

I know the stuff server related can’t really be helped right now with the influx of people on but stuff like falling through the map, barrels disappearing or lighting/shadow bug have nothing to do with servers that stuff should have been sorted out prior to launch.


Pretty sure they are going to adress many issues together with one patch.I mean they could either patch everyday with the bugs they found or just give it a week or something to fix 15 things together and then send a patch out.

Sounds logical to wait and fix as many as possible


i am 100% sure thats what they will do. Its just really sad that we spend our hard money on buggy games like this.
Just add this game to the pile up of online disasters like Battlefield 4 and the Master Chief Collection. Maybe the consumers are to blame as well since we’re the ones that never learn our lessons and keep buying this stuff.

To respond before everyone mentions that “it’s only the first day or first week or first month” or “give it some time”. We to often put up with this garbage of messy launches.

10 years ago if a game launched this buggy we would return it and once word go out no one would buy it.

If you go to a store and buy a bluray, get home put it in the player and find out that the screen freezes every 5 mins or the picture is all messed up we would 100% return it to the store not sit there and say “well it’s only the first day it will get better”

This almost never happens with other products but with video games we too often put up with it. Because of this developers more and more ship out what could be a good game in a buggy unplayable mess (assassin creed unity for example) and we are all more than happy to had over 60$ for it.

If a game is not ready than delay it or do early access. Instead they tell us to preorder to get a monster pack that’s worth 14.99 for free. So we can either take the risk of buying early to get more content or wait for reviews to come out and then pay more

I would love nothing more than to play this game but this shadow bug is killing me, it makes it so hard to see whats going on in the maps. I know some people can play it and not mind it in its current state but I cannot. I am sure a month from now everything will be sorted out but why did i just pay 60$ plus tax for it to sit around for a month. If i hadn’t bought this digitally I would return it. Turtle Rock made excellent L4D games which led to my preorder. I will no doubt buy a turtle rock game in the future but certainly not at launch.

For some people 60$ is nothing but for others like my self its a lot of cash. When you invest a lot of cash into something
you expect a certain level of quality for your money.


Well they did delayed the game.It was supposed to go out in October but it was delayed to February for more polishing.Think if they were money-hungry what would happen if it came out in October.
Anyway TRS is super positive in the game and i don’t remember them making before a Triple A title.This is practically new “waters” for them.But i’m pretty sure the game in a month from now,everything will be fixed for good.


well it sucks because its not happening to everyone. then yes that would be bad. the resets so far iv heard are only on xbox one. in fact most of the complaints are coming from xbox one. PC complaints sound like set-up issues. most cases sound to me like area/connection issues.

ps4 has some shadow complaints and occasional map falls. but for the most part its holding up pretty well. i played 16 hours straight and the only odd things iv seen is monsters sliding around instead of walking. due to lag proly.


You are joking right? If a game resets peoples progress then this should be the first thing to sort out. Forget everything else this is the most important issue out at the moment


A month in the gaming industry can kill a company. Remember homefront?


Your right a month is a long time for a gaming community. If things don’t get fixed in a timely fashion people will just move on instead of dealing with the frustration and with battlefield hardline just around the corner.


I dunno about that. Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights released with their fare number of bugs, and they’re heralded as the greatest games of their kind.


if this reset bug isnt fixed soon i can see lots of people not bothering with this game. i got reset yesterday. and then again today. im in no mood to play this game until this is fixed. this is ridiculous.


Lol I just had to google both of those titles



I’m so sorry for you!


No you didn’t understand.I’m pretty sure fixes and stuff will come within 2-3 days.I said give it a month for EVERYTHING to be fixed.Even the minor stuff


Gaaah…my eyes! how can anyone play such regurgitated molasses.


Its been 2 weeks since launch and still no fixes? I personally get peeved with both the shadow and sound slowdown/no ambiance bugs. Hope they sorted those out in the upcoming patch.