Eta for the XboxOne "Lost all progresses" patch?

Eta for the XboxOne “Lost all progresses” patch? I’m not playing with my mates(just solo games) and some of em were about to purchase the game but I warm them to wait until the patch. Loosing progression isn’t fun =/

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I believe the devs said somewhere that it’ll be sometime this week. I’m in the same boat as you, just contending with solo games for now until this gets patched.

Sweet, where did you read it?=)

Like I said, I believe. I sort of… forgot :confused:

Plus I’m kind of new here, maybe one of the older members will be able to come in and confirm, maybe even link the post. I’ll try to find it in the meantime though.

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Cheers =)
But well, if you read it will be true^^

Sadly I think I may have jumped the gun on that one, can’t find any developer posts regarding it being released this week. However… I do think within the week is a very likely time-frame for the release, especially since the devs have been saying they are working to get the patch out ASAP. So I don’t think it’ll be long :smile:

Any source for this?

I’ve heard nothing.


Like I said, I jumped the gun. I could have sworn I heard someone say something about it, but I guess I was imagining things.

I think you’re right I know I read it today in some thread… I will search :wink:

From what I can tell, it’s just people spreading rumors, it’d be awesome if you found something, but I searched through some of the more active developers post history and didn’t find anything.

No way… :frowning: I was totally hyped for the patch

It should still come soon though, maybe even this week, but it depends. The developers have constantly been making it clear that this is currently one of their very top priorities and that they’re working very hard on fixing this, so I wouldn’t put it out of being a possibility quite yet.


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Found it, here you go:

Just an update for everyone, a quote from the TRS forums (since 2k aren’t even acknowledging or giving us an ETA on the fixes):


"That’s what we’re working hardest on! As gamers ourselves, we absolutely get it. Progress reset is… heart breaking. I’ve been there.

Currently, we’re working our tails off to fix the issue so we can prevent it from happening to others. While we don’t have a way to give progress back (currently), we’re trying to stop this from happening as hard (and as fast) as we can.

I know it’s not the best thing to hear “soon” but, trust me, this is currently our priority. Followed closely by balance/progression etc."

No mention of the mastery progression bug though i.e. +0 after every game on the 3 star progress bars (after rank reset).

An update at least!

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Awesome, thanks man!

@Spearmint Yeah, I saw that when I was searching, but it had no confirmation of it being in a week so I didn’t link, still a very good amount of info though.

So you are trying to stop this happen, means it’s server side and no need for a patch or something like that?=)