eSports Features Not Coming to Evolve at Launch


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No shoutcasting and spectator features (yet).
Developer Turtle Rock Studios is playing eSports by ear once it launches Evolve next year – the 4v1 shooter won’t launch with a spectator or shoutcasting feature, but it’s completely possible we’ll see them added post-launch…

“I think a lot of our eSports ambitions are going to be defined by players,” Evolve Creative Director Phil Robb told IGN. “The thing is, nobody makes a game for eSports. They make a game that is fun, and then the games come out and some of them work for eSports, and some of them don’t. It’s defined by the people playing them. I don’t think our game will be any different.”

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It will be exciting to see how Evolve E-Sports will Evolve over time.


Hopefully the tournaments evolve will have will get ‘big’ and get some attention :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m expecting it to grow organically, then we’ll start seeing some big tournaments hopefully.


I posted the video over in the Main Esports thread.


The video is just a guy reading the text xD IGN thinks evrybody is lazy i guess?


“IGN Knows everybody is lazy”



All of IGN’s articles are like this now… It used to be you could read the article/ watch the video and then go get more information from the other one lol. Now they just write whatever the video said lol. Pisses me off…


Without spectating or shoutcasting features on launch it really can’t, t’s all about timing really. On launch you will have your highest number of players. This is when you have max exposure if you were to shoutcast matches.

I mean… sure, you can have matches and people can report scores but no one else besides the people who want to compete will be involved.

We’ve seen shoutcasting/spectating for a year now, I don’t understand why a primitive system would not be in place for custom games at launch.


Most games will lose playerbase at the beginning, however if there is interest in esports the game will grow that playerbase instead. Using media like Twitch and YouTube gives a game a lot of exposure. I know I’ll be streaming Evolve as long as it’s in demand.


Games like StarCraft and League of Legends developed huge shoutcasting and eSports communities before their current spectating features were implemented. If the player base wants to make it happen, we can. Extra eSports features are just the proverbial icing on the cake.


how do you grow an e-sports scene without shoutcasted matches? Much more fun to watch from 3rd person than 1st person. People love watching because they know things the players don’t which builds suspense and let’s a story unravel.

I mean… I’m still going to compete and hold a single elimination tournament for Evolve starting March 10th on I was just hoping to shoutcast the matches and spread the love :smile:


If you can have more than 5 players in a custom game then yes, this is definitely possible and WILL happen on release, I promise :wink:


One way to implement this would be built in Twitch streaming functionality. With the spectator in the lobby (more than 6 person custom games) they could shoutcast the match from that perspective. Adding an invisible model with a camera fixed could allow for a free roaming third person view.

*Edit Also the view of each player would need to be accessible to the spectator.


Are you talking about a system like DOTA where any random person can spectate? That would take a lot of work for TRS to implement if it hasn’t already started… maybe they were hinting at that when they said, and I paraphrase, “maybe in a FREE DLC”.

Otherwise, a spectating system already exists in the game. We’ve seen it for almost a year now, that’s what I’m saying… why isn’t it being released with the game?

To counter myself, I could say that they just did some back end quick one line codes to connect to already full matches. In that case, there wouldn’t be a working front end method to spectate which would explain why they can’t release spectator mode on Evolve’s due date (TRS giving birth ;))


So lets write an petition for to add spectator mode in the game? Anyone up for it, because I want this game to be huge on the esports scene


Yeaahh… no :slight_smile: lets wait until the game is out and the community creates some tournaments and maybe after that.


@Rctboy95 I totally agree with you but so do I with @omni


That’s not forward thinking though… especially since we know some kind of spectating system already exists. What is the point of waiting @Rctboy95?

All in all, if a spectating system happens 1-2 months after release it won’t be that bad but it’d be AMAZING to have it on release.


There is no specific feature within the game. Anyone with the right equipment and software set-up could do the same thing that we’ve been doing with our shout-casted stuff. It’s not as easy as just flipping a switch.

The title of the article has a bit of a negative feeling to it, but it actually represents our feelings about it very well. Evolve’s e-sport ambitions will be set by the community - not us.

It seems a bit presumptuous to come out and say ‘hey, Evolve is an e-sport’ before we have any concrete balance data or big community demand for it. Every game that has been a successful e-sport didn’t start out that way. They just started as fun games that gamers built up to an e-sport on their own.

My personal opinion is that stuff SHOULD come from the community first.

Closed Poll: Do you want to spectate in Custom Games? (eSports)