ESL Tournmanets


I think TRS should sponsor the ESL tournaments inside the game, in the lobby exactly, like they did before with Go4Evolve and Proving Grounds. We have 1 cup per week but with only a few teams and this is sad.

I want to see and play these tournaments again!

What do you think?


The coverage is pretty weird. You have to watch streams, no result pages, no replays, no anything… And you get into the final by signing up. Yeah id like more focus on esport too.


Agreed on this. As someone who wasn’t playing in Legacy and rarely watches YouTube or Twitch I barely get to know when such events take place (and if I do then it’s coincidence), even though I’d like to participate in them.


The tournies aren’t very exciting though. Kinda boring that nDG wins the tourny by just signing in.


TRS aren’t sponsoring those ESL tournaments though, ESL started them all by themselves. If there was a tournament that TRS put together themselves then I’d want that promoted in-game, and I’d be more likely to look into it.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of ESL at all.


Make teams and join the tournament, maybe NDG will still win but they will have to play games for it, not just take the win or play 2 other teams.

TRS is still building the game in the meantime so things will get more interesting when time passes.


Last time i checked i could not even sign in to tournament. btw that time was today


I was competing in the HGL Amateur tourney yesterday. The competition is not as hard as in ESL there. So if you want to compete but aren’t as good as nDG, maybe that’s something for you.
Only 4 teams signed up which was kind of sad but we had great games anyway. :slight_smile:


May I ask why?! I´m curious.


How do those tournaments even work? it is who get fastest kill time or smth?


It’s best of 5 most of the times.
Every team has a hunter squad and a monster - 5 players total.
Team A’s hunter team plays 2 games against Team B’s monster.
Team B’s hunter team plays 2 games against Team A’s monster.
If the score is 2:2 after those games it comes to a tie-breaker. Otherwise the first team to win 3 games wins the whole match-up.


So basically dudes with better monster win. cool


For me, it’s because the reffing is terrible. When something goes wrong talking to a ref to get the information across takes so long it’s ridiculous.

In the 5 tournaments I played for Evolve ESL, all five took forever to start and forever to get the official score.


That’s odd, I find it oddly entertaining watching those tourneys as anything can happen. Also, it’s not like nDG is the only “good” group that plays.