ESL Tourney Team Looking For Support (Xbox One)


Comment or message me on Xbox Live ( Kawaii Dumpling ) if you want more details and such. We have a full team , just missing a Support player.


you know who i am angryjoey just ask kynadi


Yup, I know.


do you know who API is?


No, who is it?


they r hella good Johnny might know them


Messaged you on Xbox.


MY DUDE, I would play hank!


GT CrazyTickle


Number 1 Bucket here looking for a team. I play all the support characters and have them all elited with exception to sunny still working on her!


Hey heard u are looking for a support I play Cabot my gamertag on xbox is qsu amnesia


CursdFoxCodeman here. Would love to play sunny…message if you need me…


I can play hank and am pretty good imo.

I believe Skills is on your team and we’ve played alot games together. She’ll vouch for me . . . .at least I hope so haha.