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So now that everybody has heard of the Evolve Proving Grounds Tournament I think we should have a discussion about the ruleset being used.

First, I like that DLC is allowed, curious to see the new team comps, some of which may fare better against the Kraken than in previous tournaments! I also don’t mind the map bans and callout systems.

I do however have 2 major concerns:

  1. Not all maps have Fair Weather. This can prove disadvantageous to the hunters in a major way. The only problem is the other maps that don’t have Fair Weather have Clear Skies, which causes wildlife to go scarce, unfair to the monster.

  2. Tiebreakers. “At a draw (2:2), the team on the right decide which side they want to play.” There is literally nothing you can do to counter this. Let’s say for example people are going to use Kraken (~80% winrate in the last Xbox ESL) That means there is a significant advantage given to one team that is random and the other team cannot control. If you take out Wildlife buffs because of their unfair nature, why have tiebreakers set up in such a way, especially when one side has such a distinct advantage?

(Full Disclosure: This is not a “sour grapes” argument. In ESL tournaments my team has both benefited and fallen to this rule)

What Can Be Done?

I like to think I’m a proactive person, help think of solutions rather than just whine.

  • The map thing, Idk to be honest. I don’t think more maps should be banned, that won’t help, so you may just have to deal.
  • The Tiebreaker though is an easier fix. Instead of making it random, it should be choice goes to whichever team had the fastest round. In the time it took our team to lose 1 match, our monster was able to win both of theirs. This can at least take some skill into account instead of just being random.

Now I know that it may not be perfect but that is I figured I would put this up here. We can discuss different opinions and see if we can’t come to a consensus. Here are the rules so if there are any questions it’s just a click away!

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For maps, they should just not allow those maps to played and switch them with other maps.


I think it’s fine as it is. You are looking at this wrong. Team A has the advantage to pick the tiebreaker map. Team B gets an advantage to choose what side to play. So that is pretty fair IMO.


i agree ruleset is good as is. The maps are good maps. csnt believe they are allowing sunny to be played tho


Sunny needs to be fixed and will have some sort of update by next weekend I hope.


hopefulllly…but tournament play starts this sunday


The split is up is not really the issue. I just feel it is more fair to judge who gets the tiebreaker choice based off fastest round time. Part of it may also be that no matter which map you pick there is most likely the same chance either side would win.

Keep in mind these numbers are old but hopefully are still ballpark accurate.

Meanwhile some monsters :kraken_stare: have almost guaranteed win rates. Considering a lot of those maps already favor the monster, having that paired with a high win rate isn’t a good look for the hunters.

If exploits are going to effect monster choice and basically make it a game of monster vs. monster than why not make it so whoever is the better monster gets the tiebreaker advantage?

I personally really think the maps are fine die to the win-rates being so close but comparison of picking sides to picking maps is flawed. If the win-rates were closer to 50% it would be ideal.


Ok, but if you change that, and that is an acceptable change, the team that does not get to pick sides, should be able to pick the map. I completely disagree with your suggestion if the same team can choose both map and side.


yep. when the “right side team chooses” was implemented into DGL for ps4. we lost for the first time lol. I would much rather be able to choose the last round by time or anything else.

also dgl is now dead. rule changes op.


Oh no, I’m sorry that’s not what I meant. Right now the criteria says the team on the right of the bracket chooses side and the left chooses map. It should be the fastest round time gets to pick whether they want to pick map or side, then the other team gets the other option.

Sorry for the confusion!


the only issue I see is you are basing tie breaker map and side choice on gameplay results when maps are banned and chosen before gameplay starts.

So while the idea is fine with me, we would have to find a way to pick before the match instead of after.


Oh crap you are right. Here is what I propose

Team A vs Team B

Maps Distillery/Orbital Drill/ Tiebreaker: The Dam

Both teams win 2 matches:

  • Team A’s fastest round is 5:04
  • Team B’s fastest round is 12:35

Under current rules Team B gets to pick which side they want based on which side of the bracket they were randomly put on.

An alternate scenario is Team A would get to pick which side they want since they preformed better.

I looked at the map banning process and each team gets 3 “picks” the final one I don’t count since it is always what is left.

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