ESL Proving Grounds Point System (Dev Assistance?)


Hey Devs, i don’t know if there is much you guys can do, but i submitted this ticket this morning:

"I have tried for awhile to be patient, as i was told this problem would be fixed “in a few days”, but the more i look, the more things that seem wrong with this point system. It goes as follows:

  1. 100 points + US $100
  2. 70 points + US $50
  3. 50 points
  4. 30 points
    5-8. 20 points

However, despite this:
(First Point value is inferred week one points)

HYPE! 2nd: 2+75
KPB 5-8th Twice: 25+25
The Vibe Raiders 4th: 2+60
Apeiron 3rd: 10+50
Both Vanquish AND Mammoth Bird OP

Where is 25 coming from?

And I’m 100% sure I’m missing some. What the hell guys!? You’ve never done us wrong in the past, and frankly, I’m surprised by the lack of consistency, hoping this will be fixed before sunday."

For the record, I’m on team Apeiron, i know our points are correct, just everyone else seems to be receiving 5-10 bonus points.



Yes the numbers are off and ESL has not responded to any of our support tickets on this topic. It needs dev intervention I’m afraid…