ESL Proving Grounds need a 5th


Looking for a 5th player for tourny asap. we’ll hash out roles after we get registered


:worried: .


I want to so bad but my net is garbo and it costs me games


We have 3 people, were all ranked top 50 in our respective roles and would like to find some teammates to compete in this tournament with. Enter gamertags and info such as what you main and what not. Im not worried about what rank you are because that could just mean you dont have a consistent team to play with to get those wins to rank up, i take skill over rank anyday of the week. Post on here your info or msg me on xb1 gt: oGgKo


Are you trying to recruit or join? Because we have a team. We just couldn’t get enough members from MLG to make a ESL account in time for last weekends qualifyers