ESL Proving Ground Points are incorrect. I can prove it. (NEED A DEV)


Hey Devs, all week since last Sunday I’ve been submitting tickets to the ESL admin team on this topic… but nobody will talk to me so now I’m here trying bringing it to your attention. The points are incorrect and need to be fixed. What is the proper way forward on this topic? Can Chris Ashton or someone with a say so get involved?

These points are listed for the tournament placements. However, there are extra points being awarded and it’s inconsistent and creates unfair advantages/ disadvantages for other teams not receiving these random points.

100 points + US $100
70 points + US $50
50 points
30 points
5-8. 20 points
However, despite this:
(First Point value is inferred week one points)

(First # is week 1 Points, Second # is week two points. = # + #)
HYPE! 2nd: 2+75
KPB 5-8th Twice: 25+25
The Vibe Raiders 4th: 2+60
Apeiron 3rd: 10+50
Both Vanquish AND Mammoth Bird OP

Where is 25 coming from for KPB? How does Vibe Raiders take 4th place in week 2 and gain 60 points but Apeiron in 3rd place only gain 50? How does HYPE! Gain 75 points for 2nd when its suppose to be only 70?

And I’m 100% sure I’m missing some other incorrect values. To be honest, I’m surprised by the lack of consistency, hoping this will be fixed before Sunday.

Several teams seem to be receiving 5-10 bonus points. ESL has yet to fix it. My hope is that someone from TRS can get them straightened out. As I’ve said, the admin team on ESL have been silent on this topic.

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Not sure who to call on this. Perhaps @Chloe or @DamJess?


Matthew is the amazing writer at TRS, but has no influence on stuff like this. Sledge, Madd, Takran, and Alex are just forum moderators.


You make it sound so underwhelming. :stuck_out_tongue: He’s like the god behind the Evolve universe.

But yeah the others are just mods.


I’m just tagging people I see active in the Forums. I’m sure they will help me get the ball rolling much like you guys are currently :smile:


Yeah the whole Vibe Raiders/KPB point thing is a bit fucked up, hadn’t realized it until now but the whole points in the proving ground are all screwed up. Hype, Vanquish and Mammoth being only 5 points off but a team gaining 10-30 more points than what they placed? That is just straight crazy. Hopefully we get some people from the ESL admin team looking over this.

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Lol yeah I realized that when I read it back. He’s awesome though I’ve read the lore stories too and they’re really good if he made a book of it, I’d buy and read that book the day it comes out.


@MidnightRoses I fixed it lol


Either way, ESL is messing its own tournament up and not being held accountable. They wont answer any of my tickets on this issue and it is beyond anything more I can do than try to get the community and the devs involved… Biggest Evolve tournament to date and the points are all messed up. It is already a job beating the best teams but do we have to beat the admins lack of attention to detail too? Come on!!



Burn! :stuck_out_tongue:


haha I mean if this goes unfixed it really is what is happening lol


Seriously though, this needs Dev attention. Any help making this happen would be greatly appreciated.


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Ha. You hypocritical lackey of this broken system. You uphold this travesty of ju- Oh. Wrong speech. Uh, one second…

BUMP for justice! In fact, in order to get this discrepancy sorted out- whether it’s a real issue or not- I think it’s best I pin this to get it more attention.

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There, that should speed things along…


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I stay away from competetive gaming.

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No, but now that you mention it, people should do it more often. Helps my mood.


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