ESL Players v. Non-ESL Players

so i play with a range of people. i have a core group of like 4-6 people and i have 2 or 3 side groups with people i may jump in with and other randoms with headsets that ive played with and become friends with. now all those players fall into 1 of 2 general categories. either you love esl rules or you love the vanilla (default) game rules.

i myself have to say im part of the latter. the main reason is not cuz im some scrub or casual, but its the way the game was made and thats my opinion. i think if your team wants to run torvald, val, abe, sunny thats cool. if you want to run crow, markov, bucket, laz great. hell if you want jack, parnel, slim, cabot. its all good. and thats because each character and person has a playstyle and role to fill. i love these tournaments we’ve been doing and i like playing with a range of people. but what i do not like is that if i pick laz and my 3 teammates all bth and moan because he cant compete and “upper tier games/players” all that tells me is that they dont know how to play with other characters aka a lack of their own skill, which i find funny since they are “upper tier players”

this topic i guess is calling out those that play that way but my real and honest goal is that i want to know so many, not all, but nearly all of the people I’ve met that like esl rules think people that don’t use certain characters are idiots and treat them like shit?

Its just bad to promote a style of play that makes players hate other players. And i know I’m sounding like an ass but that’s just the way i and many people I’ve meet online feel

Because…people want to win. Not HOW they want to win…just win. Having said that…at the same time some things are better cut for others.

For example, I prefer a dmg support ike cabot vs behemoth then I do hank and to a lesser extent sunny. Why? The dmg needs to outweight his massive health. Playing defense with a defensive tank doesn’t cut it enough for me.

If it’s Skirmish yeah it’s not called for, but in Ranked you have to consider people are playing to win and want the best chance of winning.

im confused esl rules technically has nothing to do with character choice. as for the most part you dont know which elite buffs will be in the next match.

even with buffs on or off your esl friends will not like the laz pick. sounds to me they just dont like laz lol.

Well duh. Winning isn’t the most important thing. It’s HOW that victory was achieved is what makes it better.

I’m just explaining it to him, because if it wasn’t that obvious he wouldn’t of made this thread. I don’t need an explanation.

Not sure why you’re targeting me. My first response wasn’t directed to you in anyway.

I dunno. Wasn’t paying full attention.

You have something to counter the massive health, but what about the massive damage?

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Coordination, trapper CC (and val if she is on the team), and fuel management. Oh and terrain. Oh and predictability.y

Good monsters aren’t predictable…

Ok…and good hunters don’t take heavy dmg easily. What’s your point.

It won’t be easy, but it won’t be hard if there’s a lack of hank/sunny

I’m not expecting it to be easy. There is no better victory then a hard fought one.

Besides, playing with other comps is enjoyable.

It’s like doing the same block string in a fighter. You need to mix it up.

The ESL vs vanilla rule set does not dictate what characters are played or shunned. That is the characters themselves and their risk/reward profile. Laz is considered high risk/reward where as slim and Caira are safer picks. The characters that people prefer is greatly impacted on each individual persons risk/reward preference. Some people like to play safe. Some people love the high stress of laz. I personally hate medic because of all the stress lol but that’s just me.

Certain characters have obvious synergies with others (Laz/Bucket, or maybe Val/Sunny/Griffin) and to ignore that would mean that you probably aren’t getting the most out of the possible team comps.

People want to win and take advantage of as many synergies as possible while also remaining in their personal risk profile. That is probably why you are seeing such hostility from other players. Your preferences are very different.

I consider esl rules not only wildlife buffs off (which depending on the map, you know whats going to be on the map but it has a chance of being in a certain spot or 2 or 3 on any particular map), limited map selection (now i like the way the voting works but why only have 7 or 8 maps… all the maps are pretty decent), and the hand hold-y-ness of character monster selection (while i understand its to create a balanced fight but isn’t it like easy mode? the game was meant to be played 4 hunters vs 1 monster, blind pick so neither side will see the other sides’ pick so there isnt any special planing)

so to me im going to like vanilla because that is the game i bought whereas the people who like esl like their special varient and more than some tend to be jackasses about it

I believe TRS dictates most of the rules in ESL so to say that the game was “supposed” to be played with a blind pick is up for debate.

See and i brought that up, sort of to them. They were saying that if i picked laz i’d doom the team so i responded by saying im a pretty decent laz and that if they cant play with a laz on the team then they dont have a good well rounded skill set and they thought this “casual” was trying to insult them. so i was like whatever, and they were like whatever. we all moved past it and we were fine there after but this is such a common thing.

at least you, who sounds like they appreicate the esl ruleset, can see my side and understand that i have a point with at least that character comps can vary and still be completely viable so thank you

Funny thing about buffs and monster in this update…

“Monsters are too weak this time please fix!”

“Buffs are too OP please fix!”

I’m not seeing the picture here…

well coming from the vanilla side of the fence i see hunt mode, which as ive seen from big alpha forward that its been the monster does see hunters and hunters dont see monster until everyone is locked in. like i said tho above somewhere, i do understand why they do it, so that way there is extra balance to each match but again im more a fan of the vanilla game however i like to be competitive so im in this grey void :confused: