ESL PC Evolve 5on5 Hunt Kickoff Cup #3 2015 Europe

It’s time for yet another ESL Evolve Cup! (For PC :wink:)

Start time: Sunday, 01 Mar 2015 16:00 CET (07:00 PST)
Check in time: Sunday, 01 Mar 2015 15:30 CET (06:30 PST)
Late sign up: Sunday, 01 Mar 2015 15:40 CET (06:40 PST)

Quick Rules
Rounds: Best Of 7
Time limit: Standard
Max Rounds: 4
Character Perks: Off
Mastery Bonus: Off

Map Pool

  • Distilllery
  • Fusionplant
  • Medlab
  • Orbital Drill
  • Refueling Tower
  • The Dam
  • Weather Control

For the full list of rules, visit

There have been some drastic changes to the rules, which might dis encourage players from joining, but hopefully a lot of you will sign up. :smiley:

Notable Changes:
● The Monster hosts the lobby, unless the Monster is not from Europe and (s)he is facing a European Team, then (s)he has to let the Hunters make the lobby.

● Map Selection:

● Hunter/Monster Selection:

Sign-up Page

● Q: Where do I find my “SteamID” for Evolve
– A:

Good to see that they’re updating their rules.

Yeah, I can imagine a few upsets regarding the “EU Lobby Host” though.

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Is there no NA ESL league going on or anything?

Also the no perks rule set still is no bueno.

Nope… :confused:
I agree with the Perks (no elite wildlife is fine), as it adds additional strategies.

Hi there,

there are also Xbox One Cups :smile:

We are improving our rules constantly. In our opinion that perks should be off because some have a higher impact as other perks, like 30% Cooldown reduction would be the first choice for a Monster player. An experienced Monster player could use that to smash a mediocore Hunter Team 4 times out of 5 tries on level 1.

Why do you ban elite wildlife? I think it’s fair for both sides, isn’t it?

For Hunters it would be pretty disastrous if the monster is “lucky” and get hold of a monster elite fauna ability like 50% CDR. It would boost his damage output and ability usage.

Who cares, it’s normal… same chance for hunters as for monsters, it’s in the game, so what…

Don’t understand…

If the monster gets the buffs first, he can deny the buff to the hunters, but the hunters can’t deny it for the monster. If the hunters choose to camp the buff, the monster will be free to evolve, find another buff and wait for the hunters buff to wear off. It’s not the same chance for both, monster clearly has the advantage.

no thats good elite buffs are way to strong in a competitive mode

me likes :smile:

Yeah but that is also balanced out by the fact the hunters also get to run perks. I can take damage reduction, more damage, jet pack recharge and other various perks to offset the strength of one monster perk. And as I’m told the game was balanced around perks by the folks at TRS.

As it stands right now every competitive match will have Caira/Cabot/Markov just due to the fact they are the best without perks. Lazarus for example is nigh impossible to run without the health regen perk for the hunters. Also your example of CDR for the monster can also be offset by taking reload as the trapper. The dome will have a 30% shorter cool down and you’re stronger in combat due to the reload speed.

I understand you guys think that’s he best way to play since for some notion competitive gamers think perks=IMBA but honestly they open up more interesting choices and builds for the monsters and hunter players. So I would hope you guys greatly reconsider and actually ask your community what they want. Maybe @MacMan @GentlemanSquirl @MrStrategio can chime in here as well about perks.

Yeah, we ran the game without the character perks for a while and I don’t think it works as well. It starts to limit your character choices and strategies. The wildlife buffs are probably too strong for competitive play, so we recommend turning on character perks, but turning off Elite wildlife. Eventually we might have a different set of wildlife buffs for competitive play that have lower values.


They removed character perks, because not everyone is 40 atm. It would be unbalanced having a mixed team of 20~40 hunters, against a lvl 40 monster.

Best suggestion yet

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That’s a really good point that I forgot to mention. For tournaments, I’d really like to be able to unlock all the characters and perks so that everyone is on an even playing field.


And to think, there are people complaining you Devs aren’t listening…

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Thank you for your feedback. Right now we are discussing it and wait until the custom lobby allows everybody to use the max Level of every perk. If that is enabled we will reconsider our decision to disable the perks. :slight_smile:

I know the thread is 6 days old but I’m wondering; why restrict this more balanced set of buffs to competitive play?

If most people agree that wildlife buffs are currently too strong and have too much impact on a game, why not tone them down across regular AND competitive play equally? What are the benefits of keeping them in regular modes?

Harmonizing has many advantages and I always felt that having the competitive environment too different from the regular gameplay experience is not that great.

If some people still want the oversized buffs, they can probably stay as an option in custom mode.