ESL PC Evolve 5on5 Hunt Kickoff Cup #2 2015 Europe


Start time: Sunday, 22 Feb 2015 07:00 PST
Check in time: Sunday, 22 Feb 2015 06:30 PST
Late sign up: Sunday, 22 Feb 2015 06:40 PST

Game: Evolve
Game ID: Evolve (SteamID)
Mode: 5on5 Hunt
Rules: Go to rules

Quick Rules
Maps: Predefined Map and Monster each round, BO7
Time limit: Standard
Max Rounds: 4
Character Perks: Off
Mastery Bonus: Off
Standard ESL Mappool:
The Dam
Power Plant
Fusion Plant
Wraith Trap
Orbital Drill
Refueling Tower
Rendering Plant
Weather Control


Any dedicated players around europe needing a hunter/monster player? I am 32, mic and all is present. been in esport since 15 years (more or less)



my team and I have a couple of questions regarding the rules and the generell Tournament.

don’t know if a Tournament representative is active here or if you @DamJess could help us:

  1. Who is deciding what map is being picked?

  2. Does predefined Monster mean you have to tell the other team what Monster you are going to play or are you told what Monster you have to play ?

  3. Weather is enabled right ?

  4. Designated Monster player means you can’t swap your Monster player right ? Not even between matchups?

  5. Are the Hunters designated too, for example can the Monster player play Hunter from time to time ?

  6. Is the reserve teammate just in case someone has to go, or can you swap out players between rounds ?

that’s it for now if I get anything new I will be back

thx :wink:


Take a look around, should be in there. I think it’s Monster vs Map pick, as last Sunday.


yeah I read those but they are not that defined in my opinion


If it’s like last weekend, basically I had to tell them what monster I was going to play as, then they’d pick the map and start picking their hunters.

It was designated monster since hunters and monster play at the same time, so all 10 players are all playing between 2 matches.



  1. Hunters get to know Monster, pick map and team, match startsstarts

  2. This means that you tell them what monster are you playing first.

  3. Yes

4)Yes, but the matches are meant to proceed at once.

  1. Reserve teammate can join in anytime. You have to announce this to the other team before the match starts though.


Same rules… You have to be joking >_>

@GiantChiprel Didn’t you win L1nk and the last ESL?


Do the Hunters have to tell what Hunters they pick ?


We won last sunday yis


What do you guys think how long the tournament will last? With BO7 from the First game it seems very long to me…
is there any shedule?


noone needs a player? t_t


That would be my next question as well ^^


Hey Chiprel can we watch your games from the tournament anywhere ? I only saw the videos of your hunter team :S


In general it seems like every match lasts about an hour, or that’s what they’re expecting.
Shouldn’t be a problem if everyone plays their matches on time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Form your own! :smiley:


all my streams and games from the past 2 weeks are in my past broadcasts, here:

My editors were sposed to highlight out individual matches so they arent deleted, but apparently I need new editors cause nothing happening xD


how the HELL do you add a game account.

I pick Steam:Evolve.What do i put in Value?

(talking about ESL that needs a gameaccount)


i guess its steam id?



Yeah i think i did it.Instead of copying the full Steam profile ID i just pasted there the number.That should be it


That’s correct, they had a nice page on ESL itself, but I for the life of me can’t seem to find it anymore.
I think it’s only very vaguely hinted at when you need to sign up, which I already did.

If anyone else has issues you can just go to

Step 1. Go to your Steam Profile, right-click it and Copy Page Url
Step 2. Paste it in the Steam ID Finder’s Box.
Step 3. Select and Copy the Steam ID it gives you back and enter that in the top Box instead.
Step 4. Voila, you have your permanent profile number that ESL requires.