ESL Open Evolve Tournament (PC)


ESL is having an open Evolve tournament on the PC. The set up is a team plays 3 games as hunter and then 3 games as monster, and it is 6 matches per map. Unsure even after reading if they will play all of the maps, or just four of them. Regardless, it was interesting to see another group helping support the progression of Evolve into the competitive scene of gaming. If they stream it, you know I’ll be watching!

Evolve 5 On 5 Hunt Opening Cup


It sounded interesting until I realized they are running it 2 days after launch. I feel that the first couple weeks should be people unlocking and actually learning the game before tournaments should be run. If you have any sway, I strongly urge the first tournament to be March at earliest.


I would not mind playing in it but I have to say that I really do not like the way they have it set up. The point based system they use for it is really flawed imo and I do not think it is the best way to set up competitive evolve.


I think having 2 games with team A deciding a map then team B deciding one is fine, but I think it should be a best of 7 for both games instead of 3 games each with a point system.


I saw that and thought the same thing. It just pressures the monster to move too quickly, when he is most powerful the later in the game he is. It’s almost counter intuitive. I do like how the hunters always get a set amount of points though, making it not harmful to run comps that would be better later in the game.


I feel that anything regarding a score/time will be detrimental. It’s better to have a seeding/point accruing portion, then a cut to top 4/8/16/32 whatever and then have Single Round double elims.

Even better if you got preliminary seeding before the tournament begins. Sort of like qualifiers. But that would be for really high end play. For normal tournaments you could just run the single day tournament like that. Swiss pairings, winning team gets 2 points for a win, (1 point each for a draw) both sides are played in each ‘match’. Then the next pairing happens. Ties are broken by strength of schedule (Opponents total point values).


Check in their rules. They seem to know an AWFUL LOT about custom match rules. Look! You can even change the number of strikes for hunters!

Map Effects: None

Difficulty: Balanced

Fauna-Wildlife: Normal

Round length: 20 Minutes

Round Robin: Off

Reinforcement Time: Default

Strikes: 2

Character Perks: Off

Mastery Bonus: On

Elite Wildlife: On

Voice Chat: Team only


I wonder what Fauna-Wildlife means. Does it increase/decrease numbers, or health/damage? Hmmm… Difficulty I believe would be related to AI?


[quote]Character perks: off
Mastery Bonus: on[/quote]
Wait, what? These should be swapped, if anything!


We did see the custom game screen if you watched the Evolve live stream, particularly the one on the 23rd of January. Not sure if it had all of these things, but I have to assume that it did.


I’m happy with these settings if they are final! It means you can actually play with your friends without being OP if, say, you’re level 30 and they’re only level 5. It opens up a lot of possibilities for custom matches.


Fauna if I am not mistaken is plants so it probably refers to the plants that eat you. I think that is the amount of them that spawn within a game. So it would be possible to get rid of them or increase the amount of wildlife and killer plants in a game.


Fauna = Animals

Flora = Plants


Ah well I heard fauna before but I thought it was a fancy word for plants


You weren’t too far! These two terms are often mixed up. Here’s a nice article to help you understand them better.


I wonder if they would have a custom option that would allow ALL the large hostile wildlife; Nomads, Megamouths, Tyrants, Dune Beetles, Armadons etc… roam the map attacking wildlife and monster/hunter. Haha, that would be fun.


I always remember them because Flora sounds like flowers. Fauna sounds like Fawn, a young deer.


Maybe there could be a list of ticking boxes with all the Evacuation map changes. Maybe! Then Aggressive wildlife could be possible. Perhaps just being limited to ticking one option would be best to avoid utter chaos, though.


I know that you can choose a map bonus for a single level. Some of that was shown during some of the press release channels. So do a single match with say extra Canyon Striders, or the warp tech…


See, I didn’t know that! I spent the last two weeks being very busy with a guest, and I missed streams, and… yeah, basically, I was mostly cut off from the interwebz for that time being. But good to know!