ESL One frankfurt


Last weekend at ESL one in Frankfurt I had the chance to play the game for the first time.
While it was still E3 Alpha code it played great. I had the change to play a monster and as a medic.

Won both times and got 2 nice t-shirts :wink:

But the game was a blast to play, what stuck with me the most is the importance of teamplay as the hunters. When you have one teammate that doesn’t know what hes doing, the monster will get to level 3 very fast and then its just about over.

Playing as the Kraken took a few seconds to get used to. Mainly the way to get around and the lack of a jump you can climb walls but that was a bit awkward.
When levitating you had 3 bursts of speed to get away fast.

It took a long time waiting inline but is was worth it.
Cant wait when the game comes out in november.



Thanks for sharing!


It is actually October 21st… Unless you are EU or AUS, then it might be different?


21 october in EU and i assume he’s from Germany.


Even better, must have misheard when it was coming out.

But I’m not from germany, the Netherlands.


Dutch are taking over this forum :smile: