ESL Hunt Kickoff Cup 2015 - LastMinuteChiprelTeam Footage


ESL hosted the first PC tournament for Evolve today (Feb 15). Our Team consisted of myself as Trapper, @Brick as Assault, @PeirsPryce as Medic, and @MaddCow as Support. @GiantChiprel was our Monster. His gameplay can be found on his twitch channel.

Full Playlist:

Lots of discussion about Evolve as a competitive ESport
So about that new patch

Can’t wait for a spectator client. WIll make this shit so much better!


I will post my streams by tomorrow.


I quite nearly botched the first match we did, but after that we ran like a well oiled machine!


Awesome teamwork! Do you have a YouTube channel?


This is my YouTube channel:


Thanks you got an extra sub


Finally uploaded all of my videos from the tournament. Playlist can be found here.

This is from the viewpoint of Support.


You guys suck!

(not really, gg wp guys)


We <3 you Binge :smiley:


Props to jack, checking his videos now, that was some good hunting/trapping!


Great games, everyone, I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

It’ll be interesting to see the matches from another perspective.


Thanks for the upload, hope you had fun.

Quick question : Are you required to upload your games with the score built-in the title or would it be ok to upload “spoiler free” to keep some mystery for the viewers?


sweet, something to watch. will there be videos in decent quality? youtube needs a while to convert them, right?


@Vathar Only a screenshot was required to verify who won.

@Ryaneko My videos are recorded in 720p at 60 fps. Not the greatest quality but that’s what I can do without lagging in game atm.


really? they are 320p for me on youtube

nevermind, now they are HD. seems like this took youtube a while to process. sweet!


so… you did not lose a single game? how about your practice games with Chiprel? is there any footage between the seemingly best team and seemingly best monster?


Chiprel did have us practice against his Kraken while we were between matches, I bet they’d be in his past broadcast footage.


oh, thats a shame… i like the hunter footage. there is for one not that much random chatter about abe beeing usefull or not and not a stupid (nothing personal, i think this of every broadcast) face blocking the abilitys (seriously four corners, two have information and people pick the lower right).

oh and twitch lags for recent broadcasts for me…


hehe… those achievements are total cheat. why do you ask if you trapped the monster when there is a bright yellow sign saying just that? :wink: