ESL confirm evolve ID code


I heard that I need to confirm my evolve ID code on my esl account before I play in the tourney tomorrow? Does anyone know how I do this?


Well, I know that @MaddCow and @PeirsPryce were both ESL players, so perhaps they could help you out.


Which platform are you on?


If you are on PC, I can answer this.

Basically, you need to confirm your Steam account information. Go to Steam>Name of your account>Profile And then Copy-Paste the link to that page in there.

That should do the trick.


Nopes. That won’t do the trick. If the OP has a custom ID, then he won’t see the numbers.

He’ll have to go to and put his profile link. He’ll then have to copy SteamID 64 from there (most likely they are using that one) and put that in ESL website.


Yeah… kind of didn’t expect that he could’ve.


We’ll know once the OP comes back. I’m pretty sure OP hasn’t set up custom url for their Steam account yet.


I have a custom url, it’s just my id name though, and when I type it into the link website it says it can’t find my profile.


Use instead then.


That site worked, thank you