ESL Competitive Issues


Because masteries and T4 hunters are allowed, most teams are trying to come to a gentleman’s agreement not to use T4 and Masteries. Of course not all teams are going to agree on this… Krakens masteries involve this… 10% dmg on lightning, 10% dmg on banshee, 10% dmg on aftershock, and 10% dmg on vortex. Who do you think is going to be the ONLY monster we will see in the ESL this sunday? You guessed it, Kraken… Not to mention T4 is going to be implemented… Will we see any wraith, goliath, behemoth? No nobody will pick those monsters or they will be destroyed. There’s already talk of teams that are going to quit evolve completely. Sorry for the rant on TRS forums, it’s not really their fault… But something seriously needs to be said.

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Losing my feel for this game

You have to crack a couple eggs to make an omelet. It’s like what happened when all anyone ever saw was Markov/Maggie/Cabot/Caira and Wraiths. Things will get balanced in time, but to see what needs balance you need to see whats needed to be balanced.


if i was doing the ESL i would pick behemoth knowing they would expect kraken they wouldnt be prepared for it


Krakens biggest issue is his crazy movement and the fact that while he is flying he almost completely ignores snare abilities. Also kraken can move in any direction with almost zero acceleration time which means he can constantly juke all over the place making it very hard to land shots on him. We are all hoping in the next major update that kraken will recieve some much needed tuning to his movement. The next micro patch is adressing many of the T4 hunters such as nerfing sunny’s jetpack booster. Torvald will have to wait till the next major patch to fix his being able to aim the mortars straight up and rain them down on his own head.


It doesn’t work like that. People pick medic/trapper then monster is picked then assault and support are chosen. That wouldn’t work you’d be shat on.


So what does all this have to do with PC is the thing I don’t understand…


wait your saying that the assault and suport will know which monster it is? thats stoohpid


Yeah but the monster knows that the Trapper/Medic is before they pick too


thats still STOOOHHHPID


I’m not saying I agree or understand it, but at least it’s kind of fair?


well kinda yeah but . . . ugh stoohpid


The thing is that there is a micropatch confirmed and on coming next week. Which makes Sunny alot less powerful, which is really necessary imo.
But then ESL announced today, that Tier 4 and masteries wll be enabled tomorrow?
No team has practised with/against any of the tier 4’s
And masteries is basically just more damage (which the monster doesn’t really need at this point)


You act like they haven’t had enough time?


For real though, the masteries being on is insane. Kraken is already practically immune to lockdown from Trappers, and has incredibly difficult to dodge abilities. He is already incredibly lethal without masteries, and the fact that he’s even more so has made playing this game much more frustrating and much less fair.


I completely understand why they do that: you can pick a Monster just based on the Assault and potentially negate the majority of a team’s damage, and Support is the secondary source of damage. I thought it should be Assault and Trapper that get to be picked last since you can pick your Monster based on the Trapper too. What’s stupid is that in public lobbies the Monster player can pick their character based on which Hunters have been picked.

I don’t agree that masteries that should be on, that’s pretty silly. Monsters had a 70+% win rate in the last tournament, Kraken especially, and he’s the only Monster with 10% damage on all his abilities - we’ll be seeing even more Krakens.


Not that fair because it’s caira/maggie all the time. Everybody knows.


Not true, Evolve Hype destroyed Gucci with Abe in an ESL finals. Though of course this was before they broke Kraken.


2k is doing it right here… the ESL games are mostly boring, always same hunters and kraken, now we can finally see other hunters in action.


No 2k is killing the competitive scene. All there is going to be are Krakens which was already broken to begin with, and now it’s even MORE broken.


I have to say, yes. Kraken is still a bit broken since he joined this game. Do you remember Evolve in alpha? That fast and big vortex? That was totally broken. :smiley: