Esl beta cup? What's wrong?


Can anyone from ESL explain what happened? Evolve opening cup just disappeared and now we can see 3x beta cup 2/1/2015 and 1/31/2015 so what the ____ is that? :confused:

ESL Open Evolve Tournament (PC)

My question is how are they going to host those beta cups without a beta, unless they only invite those with press copy


If I’m going to take a guess, it’s a Beta for their tournament system, not for the game…unless somebody screwed up real bad.


But the main question is: Why did they cancel opening cup feb 12th?


Community complaint probably, or it’s just hidden while they test some thing.


I’m thinking this. There was a ton of negative feedback. Maybe they learned?


Honestly a good thing as it was poorly thought out. It’ll work if they work with the community/devs on the design, but that first tourney was poorly designed.


Hope for another TheDGL tournament then.

Those ESL terms how to sign up are so difficult and unnecessary.

Please @L1NK give us another tournament !


DGL does have something planned after the release and will be posting more info soon


I’m surprised there are tournaments already.People haven’t had time to practice besides those days in Alpha and Beta.
I’m not talking about DGL that was somewhat community made by l1nk.

Also yeah i’ll complain once more about the format.The 5-man teams.I don’t want to have a team.I want to be able to compete as Monster only.


I think most of us monster mains are in the same boat with you :confused:


Yeah well there are people here like me that haven’t even played hunters “in the right way”.My friends are not into Evolve so i was playing mostly Monster.I played a lot as hunters too but it was with random people just having fun.With Monster i was trying to find strategies and stuff and what to do in each game etc.When i was playing hunter i was just doing it for the fun ^^


We’ll be giving out more details later, but DGL will be hosting organized ladders for Monster only or Hunter only teams to sign up with. However, this will be a bit further down the road.


I hope ESL brings up another tournament later on, maybe in March. And I also hope DGL doesn’t pull out another tournament until March, too. People need to unlock their stuff and get a hold of the game. Seeing how Beta put some people at a disadvantage in terms of stats and level.


I think you’ll like what DGL is coming up with.


Hopefully a tie-breaker this time? :smile:

My team was 1 of 4 that placed in the top 8 that didn’t get that chance to place! Everyone was so upset about that :frowning:


How were you in the top 8 and didn’t place? There were I think 6 teams that tied, so the top 11/12 turned to top 8. My team was cut as well. The tie breaker was strength of schedule before.


The only reason there was no tie breaker was because we had 3 days, now we have FOREVERRRRRRR :smile:


I think I worded that wrong. We placed for top 8 but there were other teams that had the same placement due to ties.

@L1NK YayyyyyyyyYy! Time to kick some butt!


Ya, there were a lot of ties. There was a tiebreaker from Strength of Schedule (Meaning the value of your opponents) Forfeited wins really hurt those that tied.