Escaping the Dome


So, it seems when I’m playing the monster… I get hounded down to death by flying Torvalds jetpack boosted until he becomes an A-10 warthog…

But I’ve been playing a few rounds now where very successful monsters are playing as if every monster was a wraith… that is, high traversal and fleeing quickly…

So… how do you do it? What’s the good bit I’m missing…


I would also like to know!


Hahaha very good.


To best honest your team relies heavily on a good trapper and in pubs far to often do I seen poor excuses for trappers to slow or stop the monster in their tracks as for how fast they move the behemoth is fast on ground but a giant target so no problems should be had there where as the kracken is flying around so much its borderline impossible to hit.
But yeah flying torvolds everywhere >.>
If I am the monster though I punish tovald first as he hits really hard!


The dome itself isn’t so much of an issue, it’s the chase. Growing the gap. So you can eat and evolve…

EVERYMONSTER seems to be doing it but me… Last time I evolved, I had a markov decorating my egg with mines like it was his easter tradition.


Must be fun on monster. ^.^


Dude im laughing so hard thank you hahaha :joy: thats what im gonna start referring Torvald to from now on.


You never saw the likeness before?
Both are projected forward by their engines.
Both shoot stupid amount of ammunition forward.
Both catch monsters by surprise because they shoot from the cheap seats.
Both are repelled from the earth by their ugliness, and have bodies only an engineer could love.
Both are due for retirement, but are the most in demand for their over-effectiveness.

Oh how the list goes on.


My favorite play style as the monster is to pick Goliath with 3 in fire breath and damage increase or eating speed depends on how fast you want to evolve, but damage makes an easy fight against hunters and eating speed makes for super fast happy meals monster style!


Thanks. But how do you build the gap so you can evolve?


Forest has seen me play Torvald before… I piss monsters off with him. :smile:


He makes monsters “snap”… I’ve never seen a monster “snapped” like that so fast o.O


I left after the Behemoth joined our team to troll me. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair, I think you jumped into his chest and activated Torvalds Death Blossom attack and destroyed him from the inside out…


What monster are you having problems with disengaging?


All the monsters…


Same here. I think my problem is that I’m a casual 40 who plays occasionally and I am getting matched with pre-made 40’s who work well together and communicate.


I think the people that are playing monsters right now are either getting it because they don’t want it (and lose) or are dedicated, and not sharing their secrets (You MONSTERS!)


I used to be a dedicated monster player. I LOVE the game as monster. It’s very exciting, rewarding, challenging, riveting, and… just plain awesome.

Around 1.3, I stopped because… well, no matter what I tried, I wasn’t able to play the game anymore. Hell, I put $800 down to buy a new rig so I could keep going. It didn’t help… 2.0 came out with still yet more nerfs (all of which I was expecting and cheering for) but and my effectiveness is coming back… but I’m still not there yet. This is the only thing preventing me from moving forward.


Goliath - Leap Smash and/or Charge for extra movement. Look back Rock Throw to discourage chase.
Kraken - Managing flight to get the most out of each burst. Vortex to knock-back from chase.
Wraith - Warp Blast for movement, decoy for stealth and sneaks.
Behemoth - Snowballing your roll to get greater distance. Rock wall to block chase.
General - sneaking, doubling back - bait into dangerous wildlife.