Escaping from Monster


Played in original Beta, rather poor so never had the money to purchase original game (very happy it’s F2P now) and I’ve got a very simple question:

How the hell are you supposed to get away from a monster if he’s focusing you? I conserve my fuel, I try to climb walls and juke, Abe is throwing stasis grenades like crazy. No matter what, he STILL gets me and then wipes my team. It’s maddeningly frustrating. What could we have possibly done differently?


You haven’t given people much information to work with. Information like: What monster? Is there anything you were getting caught out by specifically? (I.E. Rock throw, mid air heavies, Decoy, etc) What perks were you all running? What was your team comp?

As far as perks go, damage reduction, jetpack recharge, movement speed, are all good survability perks with perks like health regeneration and class cooldowns being slightly more character/comp dependant.


try jet pack dodging up an if you have the fuel then dodge left right back or forward try not to let him hit you as you jet pack as it tumbles you also medic or sup needs to help you assault can also rock block ie body block large hits for you


You can’t escape the monster by yourself. You need a team.

If your team isn’t doing anything, you are sure to die. Tell them to use the trapper tools, supports abilities and just damage them. Offense is the best defence.


If you’re Medic or Support, you need to be managing your healing and sustain items (healburst, shieldburst, Mechanized Recharge, healing grenades, etc) well and using them as efficiently as possible. You need to pick a good place to fight and you need to know how to use the terrain in that place to mitigate damage.

If you’re not Medic or Support, the same still goes, but you also need to remain in line of sight with your Medic and Support. You’re probably Trapper now, so if you can drop CC items, do so- launch Maggie traps to the side and run past, or throw stasis on the ground, etc.

Honestly, most fights are decided before they begin- it all depends on where you are, and where your friends are, and if you’re all in good positions in a good location and you play smart, you’ll do well.


Apologies I did not respond in a decent time, but here I go:

Monster? Any monster, really. They all chase me down like the dog I am. Goliath even, who based on his ability to move, should be at least somewhat easier to get away from than say Kraken or Wraith.

My team IS doing their best. I am either getting healed (if I am not the Medic) or I am healing myself, support is alternating between shielding and doing damage, trapper is laying down CC like crazy and the assault is doing his best to do damage.

No matter what I do, I die. It makes the game feel frustrating and pointless.

On a side note, I really wish there was a way to rebind the key to dodge. Double spacebar is really weird and is partially the reason I struggle.