Escape mode/ reverse hunt


I was thinking wouldn’t it be great to have a game mode where instead of the hunters tracking the monster it was the other way around? The monster could start off on stage three and have the job of finding and killing the hunters while the hunters have to complete objectives in order to escape the planet (if they want the easy way out that is). And to turn the game even more in the monster’s favor give it a buff so it’s not too easy for the hunters to win. Since the idea of the game mode is that the hunters are trapped or stranded there are no reaspawns instead give them a life buff or revival method. I would really like to have a game mode like cause it would bring a whole new style of play for the monster and hunters. Feedback welcomed


Isn’t this basically Defend? The problem with Hunters having objectives, is that a fresh Stage 3 monster would wreck the Hunters because the Monster isn’t against much of a time limit and could easily go back for food/armor over and over. With the mobility monsters have, chasing down Hunters is pretty easy.


It’s similar to defend except in defend the monster has the objective of destroying something else making the hunters lives meaningless allowing them to die as many times as they wanted. Also in escape the monster would have to find the hunters first and the scent ability would be severely hindered. Plus I did say the hunters would have to have a health buff. And when the monster goes back for armor the hunters can freely complete objectives. It would kinda be like in hunt the hunters going out for a jog while the monster damages the power relay. The hunters would get work done remember the hunters don’t have to kill the monster


Sounds good.


Since the monster has a smell ability it might be a steam roll


Ya, I dunno. Doesn’t seem great. Altering main stats such as health and the smell (Why is everyone obsessed with nerfing smell in various game modes?) I feel changes too many things for balance issues. It’s not as simple as fixing one or two things and calling it good. Balance takes a while. Upsetting that doesn’t seem likely.


This game mode has come up quite often and it usually gets shot down. A lot of people cant see the benefit of reduced sense and how it makes the game more of a hunt for the monster for current and fan created game modes. hopefully we can Nerf smell in custom games because it would make certain game modes a blast. I requested sliders for sense in custom games, each evolve you could choose to reduce the distance if desired.

This is one I made a topic about after the big alpha

Okay, how about you crash land on the planet and you have to search the map for a couple pieces to repair the ship and escape. The monster is without his sense ability and the crashed ship has auto tracking weapons that should be fairly strong to keep the monster from camping the crash site. The hunters should start on the map first and the rounds should be timed with a countdown to complete for an unknown reason at the moment. Do you split up to find the pieces faster, or do you roll together making you easier to spot.