Error: Context Corruption

So, i got a friend to download the game and see for itself, he can play the tutorials just fine and the solo mode (custom match).
Onto the error, after he loads a match (just before hunter vs monster screen) it gives this message “context corruption” and kicks him back to menu and this happens every time. I searched this forum and tried the solution (clear userdata and reinstall/verify game cache on steam) to no avail.
I searched on reddit but with no luck as well, does anyone have this error? What could be the cause? He liked the game so much that even with this problem he is still playing (just solo though).
Onto Pc specs:
W7 64, 8GB RAM, R9 280x.
But it’s hard to be a hardware problem seeming that he can play solo just fine.
Thanks in advance.

@TheMountainThatRoars @skills4u2envy can you help?

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Hello @Quiet

Welcome to the forums!

Since you are new and everything, please have a look at this thread to find your way around and to get familiar with our community guidelines:

Meanwhile, context corruption errors can happen when one of the game files is, well, corrupted. I suggest to follow the troubleshooting steps in this thread first:

Let us know if it worked or not. We have seen people say it got resolved after having done a verify game files process through Steam.

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Thanks for trying to help but we already tried all of that with no luck :/.

I haven’t seen an actual fix for this except for one person who said they uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

There are a lot of steps within the thread I posted, even with workarounds that cannot be found in a Steam article. Have you followed all those steps in the thread before creating your post?

If so, post back here with anything that could help, such as your DxDiag file.

Yes we did, he is having this issue for 3-4 days now and I wanted to make sure that we tried all solutions 1st before posting.

He’s not home right now so, whenever I get a hold of him, I’m gonna grab that log you requested.

I had a theory that could be his drivers (they are a bit outdated) he can’t update to the last version cause it drops his monitor hz to 30 (which is unplayable) and I don’t know why. But if the drivers were his problem he should have this issue playing solo (custom match). It seems to happen whenever he goes multiplayer.


Here it goes

Where do I find the DxDiag file, I have the same problem and have been posting on another thread


If windows press Windows button + R and type dxdiag, if pops up a dialog press no then press save information, then copy the info from the file and paste somewhere like pastebin.

edit: Btw, if you find a solution please share, I’ll update this post as soon as I get one.

I have the same issue, Contect Corruption or Protocol Error, I tried everything that is in the Tech Support, I am currently mailing with 2KG, sent Dxdiag and MSinfo, already desinstalled and reinstall the game 3 times, nothing, always the same problem, not counting that it sometimes crashes when I click the " Play " button, or that it freezes on the daily bonus and have to restart.
Also when I quit the game, it always stays in the process line, and have to close it manually, very strange, all this dont happen on my desk comp.

It seems that they don’t know what’s really causing the issue.

Well, I don’t blame them, as a programmer I know bugs can be tough to find a fix for.

Even though, I’d like to see a proper answer from them, whatever they need (logs, caches, dumps etc).

If you google it you’ll see a lot of people have this exact same problem as well.
here’s the dxdiag

just spitballing here but maybe:
from what i’ve looked through it seems as though the problem is either account locked or a server issue or connected to the computer specs/software.

I retried today and I got a Protocol Error rather than a Context Corruption error(first time since the Rabe update)
happened in the exact same way as how context corruption happened
(C C still happens)

Even after the update he’s having this problem, it’s not file related (re-downloaded the game, verified game cache) It’s probably a bug with pc specs, but you don’t share anything in common with my friend…

I was thinking something about the network drivers (my friend had a pretty outdated one) seeming that we have an error exactly like ours happening to some ppl who has a certain network card, but we updated it and still happens, honestly i’m out of ideas and apparently TRS as well.

Out of curiosity, does anyone have a network interface card and has this issue?

Don’t we all?

Sorry I meant a seperate NIC that isn’t from your motherboard. An example:

Yep, I do have one, but my game works just fine.

Does he have one like those too? Does he also experience any other errors aside from context corruption?