Errly slim concept artt an xenotaur goliat sculpt


tis is an errly slim conept art lol he look lik a thug

an dis be a errly goliath sculpt bbut dey call him xenotaur bak den

disclamer: I didnt mak deez


nice sculpt, what type of material did u use?


I did not mak deez

that an errly developent vershin of goliath


He didn’t choose the thug life…


th bug life chose himm


NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRDDDD lol jk (just watched an old simpsons ep), i would also caugh* like to know :grin:


This is a really awesome design…I really hope they didn’t scrap it completely.


Dat cul. Bruh


Looks amazing…


This monster looks so bad ass. I want to see this in the game


Of course they get rid of the badass looking Slim, in place of the twickly one we have now…


I don’t know about the 4 arms but the xenotaurs head looks really cool.