Err the new maps on ps4?


So i was told the maps were available from a few days ago. I’ve loaded the game every day. No updates. It even says on the playstation that the maps are there. How do I access them? I cant find them in custom game?


Yeah I can’t access them either :frowning:


They should be there. Make sure you click the multiplayer option to connect to the server, so it can register if you have the maps or not.


I played on the new maps day they were released. Make sure you’ve connected to the servers (so connect to multiplayer), then go to custom and it should be there.

(As Trick above me said)


Thanks. A bit random. I assumed that you know, you just goto the map selection and the new maps are there.


The maps were unlocked by the micropatch, which only downloads if you connect to the servers. If it was a full update, it would have downloaded outside of the game, so you would be able to see them without connecting to the servers (I assume). Glad it helped though :smile:


Issue resolved, thread closed. :slight_smile: