Err Mehr Gerrrrd. SO


I’ve been slacking on Evolve lately, sorry community I hope you forgive me, but I’ve recently got three new games, two, of which will be occupying the bulk of my time.

Ionno if anyone plays or has played these games, Borderlands 2: Handsome edition, Dying Light, and the newest to my collection, State of Decay. BL2 will not occupy much of my time. The other two, however, well and that’s because I am in LOVE with zombie games.

I’m really into Dying Light and State of Decay because they are both open roamers, I like the “scavenging for items” feel of both of them. But SoD is offering a unique feel to it, because you get to have your own survivor group! I haven’t delved into either one very far as I just got them within the week, however both look promising and I would recommend it if anyone is looking for games to play (not to say you shouldn’t stray away from playing evolve as I still play it myself just not so hardcore anymore)



Thanks. Good to hear some reviews on them. I’ve played some of Dying Light, but I got annoyed at the lack of gun modification. Also, the game eventually gets really easy. I used to hunt at night for fun and power leveling.

I have not tried State of Decay. But I am in the mood for a new good game.



I do this for you



Actually playing Dying Light and I have to say its a pretty nice game if you don’T get boosted or something. State of Decay will be my next game :smile:



Dying Light was and is still a great game if you like smashing zombies faces in :smile:
Played through it and figured I’d continue scavenging but Evolve dropped and I’m hooked :stuck_out_tongue:



I didn’t like Dying Light too much. Haven’t been much a fan of the Zombie games of late. Hope you’re enjoying it allot though. ^.^