Eren Jaegar as a playable hunter?!?!?!


Just had a cool thought for a hunter based on the Attack on Titan Recon Corps… With omni-directional mobility gear and giant letter openers!

Melee Weapons!

The physics engine would have to be entirely rewritten, the character models would have to be built from scratch, trs won’t waste time on it, they said so already.


Lol this would be hilarious, though wouldn’t it be redundant with the Jump Jets they already have?

Still cool, never thought to see an attack on titan reference here lol, and they actually share so much in common it’s crazy xD


Better not make Levi playble though… He is definitely OP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol. In all honesty, the monsters in evolve are cool and fun to play as, but the titans in AoT are absolutely TERRIFYING.

They are basically just big humans too. What does that say about people in general huh? xP


i’d prefer a TF2 crossover hunter

have the engineer as a reskin of bucket


If anything just the thought of a fully realized Attack on Titan game just makes me grin ear to ear imagining what it would be like.


Yeah, this sounds a bit hilarious, but this could be work (but not as Jaeger, this is Evolve, not Attack on Titan). As an Assault or Trapper you could chain (or harpoon) yourself to the beast, like Griffin and the monster can pull the hunter into the air. The melee weapons can fully functional in this situation, but… What type of melee weapon can fit into the Evolve “universe”? Maybe the idea is crazy, but great and this is why you should @KingWut117 mention it in this post: Hunter Ideas

Sorry for bad English :slight_smile:

Melee Weapons!

It would be interesting to have a hunter with moves like jaegar




I like it an inspired character the hunter would still have a normal jet pack since that universal across all hunters

maybe a special attack where he shoots a harpoon and launches himself not just to the monster (or whatever else he hit) but past it and damages any creature you travel past with a sword…
this way it just means you dont pull yourself next to the giant thing trying to kill you

next power would need to be a range weapon aka gun not sure what gun would fit best

next is the class ability, shield, dome, cloak or heal burst

last is either utility or another weapon


Is this realized enough?


hahaha sounds cool.


Rouge Titan vs Goliath. I’d like to see that.

…But trying to move around the maps with the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear would be extremely difficult.

Also someone should draw that fight… along with the Armored Titan vs Kraken & Female Titan vs Wraith. .w.


I don’t think Goliath would even stand a chance.


Yeah I saw that. It’s definitely cool and shows how much potential there is for an amazing game. By fully realized I mean a full on AAA game by a well established studio.