Erased Strikes on Daisy?


So, I just lost my Silver status to a Laz-Mad Mags-Bucket-Hyde team who apparently used the Laz device (or something else) to get rid of strikes, with Bucket and Daisy both losing strikes for no apparent reason. Is this a known exploit, were they hacking, or am I just crazy? This was on PS4.

You can see footage at, it’s the last match in the most recent broadcast.

Gonna put this in the bugs category, even though I’m unsure.


What game mode was it?


Hunt mode, considering that I lost a rank over it >_<


Would you have timecodes for us? For when a hunter gets the strike and then for when you see him without it?


derp. My bad. Sorry!

I was so wrapped up in prematurely guessing it was due to the recent changes to Defend. But times would be much appreciated


Upon rewatching the footage, it appears that this only happened with Daisy.

1:39:28 Daisy has 2 strikes.
1:42:57 Daisy has 0 strikes.

So, definitely a bug of some sort.


Yep just Daisy.

If they were cheating, for sure they wont remove strikes just from Daisy :smile:


Yea, definitely a bug.

Just keep in mind that there are no real hacks on console. The hunters didn’t “cheat”. It’s just a bug.


Not easily anyway. I have come across hackers in other games.

With that said I have had this happen against me before a long time ago where the trapper and medic came back with no strikes from the dropship.
I think I even made a thread but it went unnoticed.


Oh yeah this bug has been around since day one. Can’t remember if this has been brought up before.

But yeah it only works on Daisy and I think she has to be dead then revived with the Laz Device and her strikes will be removed. Obviously this can cause problems with either version of Daisy. One has more health and the other has a Flamethrower.

Dunno if they plan to fix this or not or if they even can.


Had this happen when playing EK. Daisy came back with no strikes. Also a Laz on the team. But I could swear she came back on the dropship with no strikes.